{wednesday: glossy & torn}

Crazy about inspiration boards and collages, the intermingling of glossy torn pages, tiny mementos and sweet sentiments telling so much about a person, their thoughts, loves, and dreams . . .

Lobster & Swan takes the idea one step further by composing a collage of inspirational things to record each day, complete with date stamp.

It’s such a lovely idea and a great way to keep track of the things we’re taken with or are moved by at any given moment . . .
{all images: record the day}


I love the textures and the bottom ballerina photos are my absolute favorite. They are ethereal.


I love this idea SO much! I want to start making my own inspiration boards so I can sum up my interests and find some trends along the way. great post!

franki durbin

In my next life, I may have more time… but I love to see what others create pockets of time for in their day. These are so sweet.

melissa @ the inspired room

Those are really cool…I love having the date stamp! :-)

Miss Ookpik

Great post! I must say, the stamp idea is wonderful. Utilitarian chic. Inspiring. And I can’t help but wonder, Miss Glam: What does YOUR inspiration board look like?


I love this! so beautiful and personal and inspiring. what a treasure you are creating! thank you for sharing.