tiny tacos and tea towels

when i was in LA the other week one of my favorite afternoons was spent cruising up and down abbott kinney boulevard in venice. i finally got to see one of my favorite shops, tortoise, in person and i picked up these painfully cute tenugui tea towels. the owners said many people use them as napkins (but cutting them and letting the edges naturally fray a tiny bit) but i’m going to keep them as normal dish towels. tortoise carries a huge (seasonal) collection of them right here for only $12 each. if you’re looking for something colorful to brighten up your kitchen i highly suggest them.

[ps: sorry for the site outage a minute ago- something’s up with our server again. i feel like jerry seinfeld with newman, except that i’m always shouting “mediatemple!” angrily]

another thing i loved in la? tiny sampler tacos from loteria in the farmer’s market in LA. tanya aguiñiga took me around for the best city tour (thank you, tanya!) and took me for the best mexican food i’ve had to date. how can you not love tiny tacos? (made fresh in front of you!)


Love the tea towels too! I have taken recently to sewing two together and using a standard size feather pillow to make lovely pillows quite inexpensively.


Oh my goodness, I love everything in this entry! Those tenugui are beautiful and those tacos look amazing!!


I have a huge collection of the tenugui towels. I cut them in half to use as napkins, and then keep them in a bowl on the table. They are a great alternative to paper napkins.


Thanks for the food tip! I’ll keep it in my notes for the next time I’m in the area. They are so cute. I might need to use that idea for a gathering soon.


Tortoise is my favorite store on Abbot Kinney. I love the Hakusan cups I bought there, and the little calendars.


everything in the photo looks so delicious. i’m not usually a pink person but the watermelon drink is such a lovely color.


mmm… it looks like you got some cochinita pibil but how someone can manage to have such a little portion and not want more is beyond me. Living in Mexico you’d think I could find some good cochinita but I’m afraid that’s one of those regional dishes that you just have to eat when in that region or else it just does not taste the same.

And as for the napkins, I am in love with the bold purple with the cream pattern. And I have lately been thinking that if I am ever to get married, my colors would be that sort of goldeny yellow and green. Very pretty towels indeed.


oh my goodness, i need that owl sitting atop one of the towels! where from?!? who by?!! :)


I love the prints!
I have to say that those are not “tacos”, their real name are “sopes”, they are like little pizzas made in the same way tortillas are made -corn flour-, but thicker : )
I like this site very much.