snowflake lights

i have a soft spot for lighting. (which is why i did 2 lighting projects this week) i also have a soft spot for anything cut out and delicate looking. enter the usual paper snowflake and some l.e.d. votives. if you have kids i think this would be a good holiday project to get them involved in. (obviously only older children that can wield a scissor..)

what you will need:

paper or plastic vellum (or any paper that is somewhat transparent)
double stick tape
l.e.d. votives (these are small electronic lights that are designed to
mimic the glow and flicker of tea lights. you can get them at any
walgreens or target etc.)

1) cut out your paper snowflakes. for three lights i made 5 snowflakes
in various sizes.

2) prepare your l.e.d. votives. i added this step to diffuse the
light. cut out a strip of vellum 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. stick
a piece of tape that spans the entire length of the strip and wrap it
around the votive.

3) add another strip of tape all the way around the votive on the
bottom. this is what will keep your snowflakes in place. stick your
snowflakes around the edge.

4) finally to cover the rest of the sticky parts that didn’t get
covered by the snowflakes cut out a strip of paper and wrap it around
the votive. i think these are actually quite versatile little lights
that i’ll keep around past the holidays to enjoy.

Graphic Design Guru

The paper lights remind me of the candle lights I saw in Swaziland this weekend at a company called Swazicandles. They make the most amazing candles and apparently there are only two countries in the world that make candles this way. A most amazing visit. Candles are moulded by hand into shapes, but first the pattern is heated and then spread over a ball of wax. After this the ball is pushed and shaped into animals, human figures etc. Worth the visit if you’re ever in Swazi. Thanks for a great article.