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sneak peek: paper scissors oranges

by anne

our next sneak peek comes to us from reader susanna carrillo, owner paper scissors oranges art studio for kids in darien, connecticut. i love how she describes her home, set against a clean white canvas, as “very much influenced by the children’s art work and the paint I mix daily.” the great, bold pops of color really make the home come alive. click here to see more. [thanks, susanna!] –anne

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  • Her description of her home is totally fitting. I love the look, minus the painting over the sofa. I especially adore some of those chairs! And the canopy bed sans canopy!

  • Beautiful house with great pops of color. The beadspread… Grace, I know you did a post on this one awhile ago, I have been searching for it. Can you help me out?

  • Beautiful home. I love the use of color against the predominant whiteness.
    The color of that blue rug is incredible,
    it should be a cupcake icing color!

  • This is my dream house. I love it all, especially the white painted brick in front of the fireplace.
    And are those Hunter boots in silver?!

  • this home looks super cozy! i wonder where she got the quilt with the burnt orange creatures on it? i want one!

  • This is one of the best Sneeks I have seen in a while. perfect. Great space and furniture with great lines and/or fabric. Love the 2 chair with the over sized floral pattern!

  • Oh those anthropologie chairs call out to me every time I see them – especially the orange astrid one. One day…

    Oh, and the house is great too! :)

  • I love the big yellow chair because I have one of this kind but with a really ugly fabric. I am happy to see that it can look so good! Did Susanna make it by herself? Does anyone have a pattern to reupholster a chair like this one?

  • Gorgeous all over, glad to see the same white walls like mine here!
    I’m drooling about the boots and the bedquilt, and may i say that im jealous about your desk corner, with the window over and the turquoise chair. Your cat reminds me of Charlie Chaplin with his kinda false moustache spot!

  • Does anyone know where the white desk in the studio comes from? The tall thin one with the green lamp on top? That would work perfect for my small space.

  • Beautiful! My husband and I are in the process of painting concrete floors white in the nursery. I’m curious if that’s what the white floors are in Susanna’s lovely nursery?

  • Absolutely LOVE it. Would also love to hear where the bedspread is from and to know if the side tables in the bedrooms are painted that color blue (and if so, what shade that is) or if they were purchased that color.

  • perfection! this is exactly what i hope my home will end up being some day. light, bright, with bold, happy pops of color and great, surprising, personal touches..LOVE!

  • Beautiful!!

    Its stunning, sophistocated, and fun.

    But really, I have kids, and I’ve never understood how white + kids = white.

    In my house white + kids = dirty.

  • I too would like to know where the beautiful bed coverlet comes from. I saw it last year in an online post and have been hunting it ever since…

  • so beautiful!

    where did you get the coverlet on the bed?

    it looks very familiar to something i saw in mexico.

  • Very nice and cheerful. Does anyone know where I can find similar round pillows and the round hanging pendant light?

  • Love all the colorful pillows, and the fabric on the rolled arm chair. Very bright, however not sensory overload either!

  • i fell in love with this house looking at the beautiful pictures! especially the nursery, how sweet! love the brilliant pops of color against the white. gorgeous!

  • What a great house! Love all the color. Does anyone know where the high backed chair in the white slipcover is from? Maine Cottage perhaps?

  • Thank you all for the lovely comments!

    To answer your questions:
    -The bedspread is from http://www.laviva-home.com
    -Yes! Hunter Boots in silver….they are so bad that they’re good!
    -The round pillows are from IKEA and from Urban Outfitters.
    -The floors in our bedrooms are painted wooden floors..in white white porch paint.
    -The yellow floral chair is from Anthropologie.
    -Yes, the round light fixture is from viva terra.
    -The white wing back chair was my godmother’s….I slipcovered it in white duck cloth.
    -I have one almost 3 year old boy! The thing about white slipcovers is that you can throw in the wash with some bleach if you must.

    all the best, Susanna

  • oh the BEST one ever !!- I have saved every pic into my inspiration file. Great work D*S!

  • What a dream home! It’s a great blend of style and substance. Very inspiring. One of my favorite sneak peeks. Thanks for sharing!

  • I am a person who is obsessed with color, so I was very surprised that I really liked these rooms! White walls have never looked so inviting to me before. Her description also helps me to visualize her concept in this design. Great pics!

  • so glad lisa h sent me the link. wow — i have heard MANY amazing things about you + your house …. and they are all true! you have a great eye — everything looks perfect. p.s. the kitty DOES look so comfy + cute on the couch. happy holidays!

  • Is the oversized wing chair in orange fabric also from Anthropologie? If not, where can I get the fabric–I love it! I love the whole house!!!!

  • So Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love the dark floors with the white walls and colorful accent pieces. Such a dream…

  • Hey what a great portrait! of mom + child hanging over the yellow + white flower chair. Your house is simply FAB and my fave place to sleep when I am in Ct.!!!!!! LOVE the white with black floors that shine and splashes of color all over the place that please my eyes…xoGK

  • Someone (abbi) asked about the white desk in the studio – it looks like to me as the IKEA Malm dressing table, painted white. This is a great house, thanks for the sneak peak!

  • I keep looking at this one– no lie, I’ve looked at it about 5 times now. There is something VERY appealing about this house– the calm white with the great accents of lively color– both restful and stimulating. 3 cheers!

  • Interesting that there are no window coverings – except the lightest of valances in the nursery.

  • Where can I find that beautiful blue/brown throw at the end of the bed? I must have one!

  • did you make all your slipcovers?
    I have a two year old, and wanted to make white/ivory/grey slipcovers for my furniture – but didn’t know what fabric to use so that I could wash them. Duck fabric for all?
    Your home is absolutely inspiration.

  • One last “Where did you get it!”
    The white camelback sofa – is it vintage? If not, where is it from??

  • jennifer: The camelback sofa was left here in the garage when we moved in. I slipcovered it in white duck cloth. It is upholstered in a great old white and yellow marimekko fabric but it is so worn and dirty…I would have kept as is if it was in better shape…thanks for asking!

  • I just looked at this again for the first time in months and months (Since Nov. 24, 2008 when I commented the first time!). I am still so floored by the beauty of this home. I’m hoping to cover our couch and loveseat in white so I can get the kind of effect that you have so gracefully mastered in your home.

    Thanks again and again for your inspiration.

  • A beautiful home!! There is a wire frame side table holding a printer inside and a lamp and doll on top, next to a desk and sofa area…where is that from? I love it!

  • Loved loved loved everything about this home. The vivid colors scattered on white, the floors, the white cat with some col0r here and there to match the color design of the house, the children friendly decor (the little table juxtaposed to the coffee table is sweet), the toys and playful elements, every detail is lovely and thoughtful and warm and merry and yet there is no compromise on elegance. Kudos, Susanna. My fave now.
    What’s over the nursery door and hanging by the nursery window? Looks pretty. Thanks for sharing. Loved the ‘naked’ bed, so light.

  • Such a wonderful home. Can you please tell me where you got the orange chair with the black base from?

  • I a absolutely IN LOVE! I want to do this now! And we have many of the same inspirations, with children’s artwork and toys and whatnot.

  • I painted my upstairs floors white and this house was the inspiration (friend of a friend introduced us and she let me come in to see). My problem now, three years down the line is that my floors yellowed a bit and really turn yellow under furniture. Do you have that same problem? Have you repainted and that is why yours still look so white? I used the same paint as you told me you had used. Ben Moore porch paint when they still made the oil based paint. I was thinking of painting them again but now would have to use a latex paint as the oil based paints are no longer. Thoughts?