sneak peek: kat heyes


not only does kat heyes know what it takes to make beautiful illustrations, she clearly knows what it takes to make a stunning home. today’s light-filled sneak peek of her UK flat seriously wowed us! be sure to check out more full-sized images here and here, and click here for kat’s amazing portfolio. [thanks to kat for sharing your home, and to zee from homebug for the great tip!] -anne

[above: The cabinet in our living room was a wedding present from my brother in law Karn Sandilands, the door slides across to hide the television and stereo. He also made the polaroid picture frame on the top shelf. The plywood lamp is from Habitat, the small painting is by Fergus Hare the stuffed bird is from red mag and the japanese blossoms cushion is from norajane.]

This collection is on the cabinet in the living room, I found the painted feathers in a box when helping to clear out a huge warehouse and the reel of red white and blue ribbon is from an amazing ribbon stall on Portobello Market in London.

This is our living room, when we moved in there were heavy drapes at the windows, awful dirty carpets and blue walls it felt really dark and small. I knew there was a gem waiting to be discovered underneath it all. Our favorite spot is the window which we call the dog bed. It’s a real sun trap and you can see the sea in the distance. The tall light is made out of a birdcage stand and the large graphic artwork is by Adam Humphries.

This is our hall, the bedrooms come first and the living area is up the steps, It’s nice to have a break in the flat (I yearn for a house!) I have had the chair for so long and have still not restored it. The old school desk still has graffiti all over it. The painting is by Fergus Hare I picked up The sink for £5 at a car boot. It’s for a our bathroom refurb.

Since the last shot was taken we have hung the large painting and so this is what sits underneath. The metal apple is an ice bucket and the butterfly painting is one of mine.

This is a corner of the bedroom, the painting is by Fergus Hare, the quilt is from a car boot sale and I picked up the kitty at a charity shop, I couldn’t resist her.

This is the kitchen, it’s practically the only nice corner at the moment, we are planning on doing it up soon with simple white cupboards and stripped floorboards to match the rest of the flat. The kitchen is what sold the flat to me as its such a good size and has two windows, including this original leaded one. The scrubbed pine table is from Ardingly antiques fair in the south of England.

These things sit on my studio window sill. The tin is from a car boot sale, the watch was my grandmothers, I picked up the bangle in Mumbai, India and my mum made the mug when she was at college. The pink branches are pimms drink stirrers.

This lamp is by Helena Christensen for Habitat.


brilliant. love the stripped and bare floors, all the white, the sheepskins. so freaking comfy but current. i could live here.


Such a lovely place! Adore the soft, neutral colours and amazing floods of light.


Lovely home! And sorry to be an ignorant American, but what’s a car boot sale? Is it like a yard sale, but from the trunk of a car?


That lamp is so adorable. I really love it. The colors in this flat are so beautiful.


Your place is gorgeous, totally my style. I adore the wide plank wood floors…and I think I spotted a wood insert there in your bedroom, perhaps to replace a vent? I just did that in my home and I am trying to match the wood color with stain. Whites and rich wood is just such a great combination.


What a darling sneak peek! Your home feels dreamy and effervescent, and I love the light coming into the home. The painted stairs are also gorgeous!


One of the best Sneak Peeks I’ve seen to this point. And I’ve looked at all of them. Great stuff.


Such a cozy place, without being overstuffed! I love the play on neutrals with rosy accents here and there. The lamp is amazing!! I love the color!


Kat’s place is so gorgeous and makes such a lovely sneak peek!
Tiffany – a car boot sale is like a flea market where the vendors traditionally sell second-hand goods from out of their car trunks. Most people bring ad hoc tables and stalls though!
Daria- I recognise the raindrop picture as one Kat did herself.


Fabulous floors!! I especially adore the painted stairs with the revealed wood stripe down the centre!!


The light in the living room is just stunning, and all the colours, furniture and accessories suit it beautifully. And that birdcage light! Simply magnificent!


We are just about to paint our place white and I was concerned it was going to be too stark, but seeing your gorgeous flat I can’t wait to get started. It looks fabulous!


I love the first lamp shown (right after the kitchen shot). Is this handmade or just bought?


Your place is amazing! I do love the colours, the style, the haptic look. I’m moving next week – your blog is a great source of inspiration for me – thanks for that!


I agree the colour palette is so lovely, the de-saturated look really makes each item so beautiful! I love the shapes, it’s made me feel happy! hehe


I saw somewhere earlier what camera was used to take these pictures, but now I can’t find it… Does anybody know?


I am in love with the midcentury-looking cabinet that the article says was made by her brother-in-law Karn Sandilands. I realize I’m unlikely to get hold of the same thing, but would love it if anyone knows where I could get something similar. Have been looking for a TV cabinet just like it.

Gina K

i am enchanted and ready to move in any time! i also love the tv cabinet – it’s a perfect piece of furniture


The natural light is amazing in this house. Do you have any idea where I can find those fake fur throws that are on the chairs?
Anyone? Anyone?


Beautifully simplistic…I just moved into a place that I thought was too white…after looking at these photos, I just might have changed my mind!


you place its awesome!!! Its fresh, elegant and so clean. You make it look so simple and so comfortable, totally envy you. Great place!


love the openess and lightness…and I too (apartment dweller that I am) have total floor envy…and love kat’s images from flickr :-)


Is this flat based in London??? I first found her flat’s living room pic from FFFFOUND page, the more I look at it, the more I fall in love with it. Her and her family’s flat is breathtakingly perfect, warm, cozy, with jazzy vibes and magical light; this flat has became my flat of dreams. I would love to live in this kind of place myself one day too :) <3


this home is amazing! i love the floor.. and all the white. it looks so comfy and relaxed, just how i feel a home should be <3