sneak peek: jenny sauer


jenny sauer’s line three sheets 2 the wind is clean and simple, just like her home. today she opens up her apartment located 5 minutes from downtown cincinnati to us. i’m loving the softness of linen and the pops of red that pop up in her designs. thanks so much, jenny! click here to see more of her work, and stay tuned for a second wonderful sneak peek at 12pm! -anne

[Above: The tree stump was “rescued” by my fiancé and I from a local park. We lovingly call it Log. The couch was inherited from my parents house. A true 1970s gem! I loved the shape (but not the fabric) so I sewed up a cover using the heavy weight linen from my line. The trunk was pulled out of the trash a few years back when I lived in Columbus. But… not everything I own is old. The Nama Rococo print was a gift from my fiancé last year and the Flor carpet tiles were bought to decorate the floor of my booth at a trade show. The lamp is from Room and Board and the two linen pillows are from my line.]

This medicine chest was found at a flea market near Columbus, Indiana. It has housed my CD collection for years now.

The working fireplace is the main focus in the living room. The mantle is really beautiful all by itself so I usually only have a few photos on top. The folding chair was bought on Martha’s Vineyard the summer I graduated college. It marked the beginning of my (not so secret) chair fetish.

I have a heavy weight linen throw (from my line) on my bed. It hides cat hair perfectly! I made my faux case study bed using two pieces of plywood and stainless steal legs bought from  The side table was bought at the store, MiCA, in Cincinnati.

The chair on the left was found on Ebay. It needed a lot of love when it arrived so I spent some time cleaning it up. The dresser is from Ikea. The screen print hanging on the wall was bought at the Renegade Craft Fair last summer in Chicago. The chair [on the right] was bought in Lexington, Kentucky. I have an Ikea faux fur on it to keep the cats from scratching it to bits.

My studio space is in my apartment. This room holds one of my printing tables and a ton of metal shelving for fabric, frames, and screen printing supplies.

mary kate

yay! cincinnati!!! that’s where i live! LOVE the medicine chest and coffee table!

l e a h

That medicine chest is amazing.

A linen cover that hides cat hair? Awesome. I had a dream about cat hair last night.


Oh, what I would give for an art room like that – with such a great table, great light, all that storage………. wow :)


I love the metal shelving with wood top in the art room. Where did you find it? I’ve been looking for something like that for my craft space.


can you share your paint colours? (i’m obsessed with finding the perfect neutrals and yours are great). love your mantle! your entire home is great and very reflective of your passion.

Kim Wike

you’re apartment looks so cozy!! I have a chair fetish but haven’t started collecting yet. ;)
Did you make the slip cover for your couch? It fits so perfectly. If you didn’t make it could you share where you got it.


Ooo, Cincinnat, that’s where I’m currently living as well!

I love the tonality — it’s very cohesive and calming without being bland. There’s just enough “spice” in each area. And the wood pieces are great.


Your place is great. It looks so live-able. I feel like there are so many digital house-tours I see that are interesting and modern, but I could never really see myself in them… Yours, on the other hand, is cozy and wonderful and looks like someplace I might live! Thank you for sharing.


Omg what a lovely space! I could so live there! So much calm and harmony without being the least bit boring! Well done…

Jenny Sauer

Thank you for the lovely comments! I wanted to answer a few questions from the posts. I did make the couch cover myself. The trick is having as few seams as possible and a tight fit. Linen is great because it shrinks up in the wash and has the ability to stretch a bit. The back pillows are not a part of the original sofa. They are regular bed pillows. The metal shelving in the studio is from Lowes. I just put a piece of plywood, cut to fit, on top. The gray paint color is a mix of two colors: Valspar, 5006-1A Comet Dust and 5006-1B Notre Dame. The cream color was here when I moved in. Hope that helps!


Enjoyed touring your apartment, you should be so proud! Love your style, such clean lines, simple and inviting.
Mary W


looks lovely! but..i hope you’re not a diehard vegan because i’m pretty sure the “faux” fur throw from ikea is indeed not faux. that is if it’s the same one i have that i picked out of a huge wire bin of genuine fur ones at my local ikea. sorry for the potentially bad news….otherwise amazing space :)


Damn Gurl! so frresh and so clean clean!!! You make me want ta RUN home and clean IMMEDIATELY!!! Mad Jealous of your space, a creative person needs space. Most of mine is in my head(smile).

fiona pattison

i love the cushions!!! It reminds me of the designer Nadia Sparham. Lovely home!

Brenda (Gillen) Logan

Your style has definitely been influenced by your parents’ style…I love it!! It is just the kind of modern I like. I have been online showing my oldest daughter your website. She is very creative and has aspirations of becoming much like you. Say hi to your folks and to your sister for me.