sneak peek: chad maltby of sandbox studio


when it comes to styling, sandbox studios knows where it’s at. the same is true for the home of senior director of interactive, chad maltby and his freelance-maven, girlfriend heather mcdonald. they’re about to say goodbye to their brooklyn place (a converted firehouse) to move to newburgh, ny, so we’re so pleased we can share their place with a proper sneak peek send off. click here for more images. [thanks heather and chad!] -anne

[Above: Living room: The moose head was a gift from a friend. He bought it at The Frozen Fountain (an incredible design store) in Amsterdam. The curtains are from Ikea – nowhere else can you find curtains of this length for this price. We’ve had them in three apartments so far, and they also work as fantastic room dividers. The striped chair is from a wonderful little shop in our neighborhood called Fabrica. The rattan ottoman is Franco Albini – an ebay find. My mom had one that she turned upside down and used as my toy box, so I was happy to have it back in my life. The bright pink felt doily was something we picked up at Eden & Eden in San Francisco. (We have two and I move them around all the time.) The yellow and white chair I found on the street and refurbished with a coat of white lacquer. I found the ’60s yellow fabric at and recovered the cushion.]

The paper assemblage was made by a friend as a housewarming gift. He is the owner of a gallery called Untitled in Sausalito, CA. The table we found on craigslist and Chad refinished it. The chairs were an ebay find.

I used cork tiles to create the bedroom collage of old photos and vintage postcards. It gets rearranged now and again, but I love being able to show so much in a contained area. And this way, we don’t have to decide on a permanent place for everything.

I did this painting for my best friend as a wedding gift, but we lived with it for a while above the bed until I was satisfied it was done…Our little dust mop.

The airplane painting is a very generous loan from a friend in LA. “Legs”, as we like to call the photo below, we found in a vintage mall outside of Portland.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


Beautiful! Especially like the striped chair combined with the face pillow, and the crushed paper artwork.

Catherine Jagers

I am in love with that kitchen. I’m always a sucker for neutral pallets that look organized, relaxed and useful.

Thanks for the wonderful sneak peak!


I love this home!!! I have a very similar kitchen set-up and it’s nice to see a way to make a smaller kitchen that’s so close to my own still look good.

I also love the variety of table-types. A basket-looking item, a speaker, a tree stump, a red table. BEAUTIFUL!

Elizabeth W

that bedroom looks so serene.

“our little dust mop” – that killed me. too cute.


What an AMAZING, sophisticated space. One of my favorite overall “sneak peeks” and someplace I could totally see myself in. Especially if I could keep the little dust mop. ;)

Christina Mullin

Absolutely Stunning! I am the loaner from LA who picked up that “Western Airlines” plane painting on Abbot Kinney years ago. Can’t wait to see what you both create for the house in NBNY … It will be incredible too!

Jo in NZ

I have a feeling that Newburgh is gonna be the new epicentre of cool…..!


can you tell me what kind of material you used for the countertops in the kitchen??? love it!


Thank you for all the positive responses.

Odessa & Erin: our counter tops are caesarstone.

Wayne: our pooch is a mixed breed. we always thought lhasa poo but maybe there is a bit of havanese in her.

UITAS: couch is discontinued DWR from 5 years ago.

We are sad to see our apartment go and only have a committed renter for six months so please email if you’re interested as of May 09.

Newburgh is going to be amazing. Heather and I have been researching and anticipating this move for so many months; as of tomorrow it’s here.

Pamela S.

The puppy is adorable :)

For the countertops, are they solid or are “built up”? I am planning to do thick counters in my kitchen if I ever have $$$ again!

Anna @ D16

Hey, Newburgh already IS the epicenter of cool. ;)

Chad, it’s going to be great to have such stylish people in Newburgh — welcome, welcome, welcome to you and Heather and Maggie! You’re going to love it here.


Pamela S: the counter tops are “built up”. I will say, wiping them down is a bit of an issue since there isn’t really a lip for using your hand to catch crumbs.

Anna: thank you for being such a pioneer.


Hi! Love your light fixture in your room! Can you please tell me where you found it? Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!


Wow.That place is really neato. I like turtles. Have you guys ever been to Hot Bird?


No way! I used to have those exact same Kenwood speakers. Nice retro touch… but it didn’t get a mention in the photo description (Legs photo is sitting on it). Love the blog!