new: jocelyn warner wallpaper (and guest blog diy)

wallpaper designer extraordinaire jocelyn warner recently introduced two beautiful new patterns to her collection- “tree tops” and “poppy”. as always, i can’t decide which i like best. the poppy print is so cheerful but still elegant, and i love the metallic version of tree tops. it’s right in line with sarah fox’s fantastic metallic gift wrap diy project on the d*s guest blog today. click here for more on jocelyn warner’s lovely wallpapers and click here for sarah fox’s metallic gift wrap project (image below).

ps: stay tuned for a special sneak peek today at 1pm and don’t forget to vote for the ugliest pillow contest!


these papers are gorgeous. i love those trees. i don’t know what kind of tree it is but i’ve been staring at them all summer. the tiny leaves are so perfect. great product photography as well. those “pom-like” puffy purple flowers are lovely.

kim baise

Ohhhh I love all of these! I agree with Sarah’s comment above that the product photography is perfect. The little wooden chair on the bottom is sweet. I had those cool pom flowers in the garden at my old house. I think it’s called Arum and it’s a type of onion bulb…


That gift wrap is so whimsical, like the sprites and woodland fairies wrapped it themselves. Lovely idea for the holidays and year around.


The wallpapers are stunningly beautiful! I also really like the gift wrap. Maybe we’ll try it – I’ve got a little boy who is all about crafts.


Great papers! Does anyone know where those great wood dining chairs are from?

Elizabeth W

i used to be the type who changed everything with interiors depending on the color scheme of the changing seasons – but that got to be soooo much work. now i try to have a “canvas” that works year round with changeable accessories. these wallpapers are perfect for that – they could easily work with any season. especially #4&#5 – GREAT!


I love these wallpapers. It’s too bad I’m such a commitment-phobe when it comes to this like these. I could never decide!