{monday: flowers on windowsills}

Hello everyone! Happy to be here at the d*s guest blog — thanks so much to Grace for inviting me! Will be doing a series of posts this week about {facing winter beautifully}, and the little things that make the colder months, and everyday life, a little more lovely . . .

Fresh flowers are wonderful any time of year, but in the colder months, they are an absolute necessity.

Was completely inspired by Christine Gills’ flickr series, {i like flowers on windowsills}, whose tiny, simple arrangements bring endless delight and will chase away any thoughts of gloomy skies . . .

{images: notcatherinezeta on flickr; lovely prints are available here}


What a wonderful idea and a lovely way to brighten up the indoors during winter’s cold days.

The Lil Bee

YAY! So happy to see you here, my friend:) As you know, we just moved. And with a lack of actual furniture or window dressings to play with, I have been littering my windowsills with bud vases and single flowers, just like these. LOVE this idea…and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve throughout the week, missy:)

all things bright and beautiful

Dear G,

Is fab to see you here on D*S

I am really looking forward to your series here – this is a beautiful start – right up my alley -:-) -but you guessed that non? :-) :-)

Flowers and beautiful photography :-)

Hugs bug


So nice to see you here, and beautiful post! I always mean to go out and buy flowers but I never get around to it. This might just be the inspiration I needed! Thank you for sharing :)

Green Key

Facing winter beautifully – what a lovely idea. I love the simple, elegant flower arrangements, and look forward to your posts this week!

franki durbin

so sweet. It illustrates the transformative powers of a single humble stem… and gives every woman a reason to have a bud vase :)

Signature Windows

Fresh flowers do make a difference in a window seal. I think anyone can find a simple look to match any room in their house no matter the season. I wish you mentioned what exactly is in the second jar down, they almost look like cherry tomatoes and is by far my favorite.