fall leaf votives

by Grace Bonney

these votives are a nice way to make use of the beautiful fall colors and shapes. i plan to use these on our thanksgiving table.

what you will need:

fall leaves (preferably ones that are not totally dried out)
glass votives, jars or containers
double stick tape
clear poly-crylic
paint brush

1) collect your leaves and coat both sides of leaves with two coats of clear poly-crylic. this preserves the color and prevents them from drying out.

2) when they are dry you can trim them down to fit the size of your votives. make sure the leaves stop about a half inch down from the top of the glass. *you do not want the tips of the leaves going over or near the top of the glass. this will prevent them from catching on fire.

3) when you have them trimmed add some double stick tape to the back of the leaves and place them onto the glass.

4) finally tie a piece of twine around the votive to secure in them in place. light a candle and enjoy the colorful glow.

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  • What a nice idea! A great way to collect autumn leaves is to pluck them off the tree while before they fall. Press them flat right away in a flower press or a heavy book (before they start to curl and dry). They retain their color quite well. It’s kind of late now for this collection method in New England – but there’s always next year!

  • Love this simple idea…for those who don’t have seasons (aka, us in florida)… I found some “faux”paper fall leaves at Dollar Tree…If you just crinkly them up a bit and put a nice brown glaze over them, they look real! – jo@OttLite.com