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diy wednesdays: silk scarf pillow

by Grace Bonney

lauren has had this gorgeous silk scarf for years, but unfortunately it’s spent most of that time in a bag in the closet. we adore it’s colors and motif, but she’s never really found the occasion or method for wearing it in a way that truly shows off it’s beauty. rather than keep it hidden away, we thought we’d give it a new life as a pillow. now it’s a part of our home that we can enjoy every day. click here for the full post and instructions or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
derek & lauren

here’s what you’ll need:
double-sided fusible interfacing
backing fabric (around 1 1/4 yards for an 18” pillow)
pillow insert
sewing machine

1. if your scarf is thin, (i.e. silk) fuse it to a piece of fabric with double-sided fusible interfacing and an iron, to give it extra strength before sewing.
2. for the envelope style backing, cut out two squares of your backing fabric that are 1” longer than your pillow and wide enough so that they will overlap by 2 to 3 inches after you’ve sewn a 1” hem along one side.
3. overlap the two pieces and pin together so they create a square that is 1” larger than your pillow insert all the way around.
4. with right sides together, stitch the top scarf piece to the envelope pillow backing all the way around using a 1/2” seam allowance.
5. turn right side out, press and insert your pillow.

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  • That pattern works beautifully as a pillow! Although I don’t know if I have the inner strength to kill such a beautiful scarf that way… ;P

  • I love this idea! My grandmother gave me a bunch of her old scarves and they are simply beautiful, but I never wear them. This might come in handy! Thanks so much!

  • Really like this idea. Have some nice scarves I could ‘unearth’ for this.
    Also saw it in a magazine once, but your instructions seem clearer… which is great for people who are easily confused…like me.

  • What a brilliant use for a scarf! I have a couple that my Mom brought back from France for me but I’ve never worn (I’m not really a scarf person). I’m going to take another look at them and see if I can’t give them new life as a gorgeous pillow! Thanks!

  • Kristin, I understand, however have you priced gorgeous pilows lately! You might also find some bargain scarfs at Marshals, etc

  • Thanks for this great method for turning scarfs into pillows–I’m a compulsive scarf collector, and I simply can’t wear them all!

    Sometimes I knot them into a little bags for carrying my dance shoes, but this project is definitely a great option for the ones that are my favorites and I want to see every day!

  • I love this project; I have so many beautiful scarfs I never wear that would make gorgeous pillows. Thank you for the great idea!

  • I’ve been dying to do this with a bunch of vintage scarves i have…thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is great- I’m eager to use this on some French silk
    scarves from my fiance’s grandmother. What material did you use for
    the back side?