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diy wednesdays: leaf mobile

by the curiosity shoppe

nature crafts are our absolute favorite things to make, and what better way to celebrate fall than to bring nature indoors with a seasonal leaf mobile? a good friend of ours gave us a stack of leaves from a recent trip back east, and we now have them hanging all over our apartment, suspended from little twigs. after a few weeks, when it’s time to make way for holiday decor, these guys will probably end up in our compost bin, but in the meantime, we’re enjoying the fall color and dreaming of hikes in the woods. click here for the full project instructions or just click “read more” below to continue with your leaf mobile!

happy autumn!
derek & lauren

Lauren and Derek’s Leaf Mobile

here’s what you’ll need:
-a twig that is around 12” long and about 1/4” in diameter

1. tie a piece of thread around the center of the twig and suspend from a hook or nail.

2. wrap one end of a length of thread around the stem of one of your leaves a few times, and tie in a knot to secure.

3. tie the other end to the twig (making sure the leaf hangs at a length that you’re happy with) and cut off excess thread.

4. continue adding leaves one at a time, tying them onto the twig so it balances and hangs horizontally.

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