diy project: eco-happy pom pom gift topper

how fun is this diy wrapping tutorial (using old plastic bags from target!) from creature comforts? i need to go find something to wrap. click here for the full instructions.

dessert girl

So cute! I usually wrap my gifts in newspaper because I think wrapping paper is a waste, but this is a good alternative!


what a great idea! i’m overloaded with leftover bags from target. this is way cuter than using then as a liner for my bathroom garbage can!


How delightful! Thank you so much for sharing my pom pom tutorial here! Happy eco-handmade holidays!


I got the end rolls from a popular newspaper company, so with this plastic bag pom pom they will go smashing together. Brilliant!


It’s very cute and clever. What it is not, and shouldn’t be called, is “eco”. It’s plastic. It will eventually go into the landfill, where it will stay cute for millenia.


That’s really cute, but would people still remember to recycle the bag after pulling of the poof? Maybe they would save and regift it, that I can imagine. Or use it to wrap a gift of a tote bag for shopping! :)


Hi Denise,

I’m a huge fan of your work, especially your letterpressed “buckles” and all the wonderful things you do with glitter. Thanks for sharing so many of your ideas with us!


Oh wow! Really cute and clever idea. Although I suppose eventually it ends up in the trash again? Unless your recipient reuses!

Rebekah Armstrong

I am not unfamilliar with plastic bag pom poms. However the “pattern” I use for them is much less work with results that are just as cute. I haven’t made them in a while so hopefully I can either find the instructions or figure out how I did it and share them with you.


I’m getting married next year and I wanted my wedding to be eco-friendly and budget friendly. This lovely flower really inspired me to try something similar for my bouquet… I’ll send a photo if I end up doing this!


Great idea. I love it! but when I tried it, mine was ugly. guess I’ll have to try and try again.


omg this is SO cute! my country doesn’t have Target store but i’ll find a way to make this :)


In Australia Target no longer give plastic bags for free but they charge a cost and give you a biodegradable plastic, however there are plenty of other shops yet to take this step! Great idea for recycling!!!