david stark: cooper hewitt national design awards

i just finished shooting a video with david stark for d*s (stay tuned for that next week) and have been pouring over pictures from some of his recent projects. a favorite of mine was his work for the cooper hewitt national design awards. i always love the way david tries to design with sustainability and re-usability in mind and this time he came up with a truly fantastic idea. in order to create as little waste as possible from the event design, david decided to literally make the design out of materials available from rental companies. so the objects that are normally considered party basics actually became the party decorations- and could be returned afterwards! tea kettles floated whimsically in the air, cushions were attached to each other to create rainbows of color above the table and tablecloths were used to create additional hanging decorations. there are all sorts of fun touches in these pictures (like stacked plates and cups as centerpieces) so i thought i’d share them today in hopes that they might inspire some small-scale event design in your own homes or offices this holiday season. thanks to david and casey for sharing these images.


oh wow, that is incredible!
reminds me of alice in wonderland somewhat…


Way cool! I like and totally get Rachel’s Alice in Wonderland comment, too, even though I didn’t think of it myself.


Yeeh, I don’t know…kind of reminds me of my kitchen after I’ve made a big, messy (but delicious!) meal.


I had the honor of attending this event a few weeks ago and was blown away by the decor (not to mention all the designers in one room) The after party had some amazing chandeliers created from plastic champagne glasses that I think I’m going to try to re-create for a New Years eve party.


This is wonderful! Nothing like a little Mad Hatters’ Tea Party to liven up the occasion.

Kelly- I’d love to see those plastic champagne glass chandeliers!


Wow! This is amasing – very inspiring! Love his work. I just had a look on his website – at some of his other work. Definatly going to be following this guy! Great ideas!