chroma lab

i’m loving these colorful furniture pieces from chroma lab- so lovely. click here for for more information. [thanks, alicia!]

marcy wacker

oh…that dresser. it’s so fun, but suprisingly elegant all at once. it would make me think of my favorite ocean spot every time i looked at it. beautiful.

Allison Rae

Wow, I’ve never been much for painted furniture, but they have created some real pieces of beauty here!

LOVE the wave dresser. That pattern could be amazing in any range of colors, although obviously the blue waves are thematically apropos. Kudos, Alicia and Tony! Super cool!


That dresser is amazing. I bet it was an interesting photo shoot, hauling it out to the boardwalk. ;)

Reve de Jour

That is so absolutely beautiful! Very unique and well worth it’s price considering the amount of work this must have taken! Great idea for taking a picture by the ocean. A cabinet made with love…you can tell!


I have never lusted over a piece of furniture the way I am lusting over that dresser. It’s gorgeous!