barstool roundup

today’s guide belongs to barstools- thanks to a request from d*s reader craig. i always have a soft spot for bar stools because they remind me of my elementary school best friend’s kitchen counter where we would eat cappelletti soup after school. as always, i’ve tried to include a range of prices and styles- i hope you’ll enjoy it! please note: this is a mix of high and low bar stools so please confirm the stool’s height before you buy if you’re looking for a specific size. stools are a great place to test out diy upholstery so if you see a piece beyond your price range consider buying fabric to create something similar with a basic stool base from target, ebay or ikea. there are over 50 stools in this roundup so be sure to click here (or just click “read more” below) to view the full selection, which continues after the jump. if you’re looking for more guides (product or city) just click here. [image above: bryce stool $199]

ps: if you missed the debut of the d*s + nypl “design by the book” video series please click here to check it out!

[image above, clockwise from top left: bamboo counter stool $695, charles ghost counter stool $280, st. honore bar stool $189, malte bar stool $39.99, window seat bar stools $89.95+, industrial metal bar stools at 1stdibs, LEM piston stool $725, jim bar stool $229, swivel bar stools at 1stdibs, brass bamboo bar stools at 1stdibs, red tolix stool $235-$325]

[image above, clockwise from top left: reform bambar stool $514, spin bar stools $99.95+, tabouret bar stool $979, kong bar stool $1435, flower stool $180, agne bar stool $25, bertoia bar stool $749, draftsman stool $149 (best for low counters), magino bar stool $560, royalton bar stool $2031 (just for inspiration or a major, major splurge)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: key back bar stool $89.99, lyra bar stool $1776 for set of 4, julius bar stool $49.99, weinberg bar stools at 1st dibs, diego bar stool $129+, franklin bar stool $19.99, paris bar stools $639 each, deja vu stool $577, skew bar stools $89.99+, espresso bar stools at target]

[image above, clockwise from top left: emerson bar stool $169, precision bar stool $495+, andres counter stool $120, hi-pad stool $1044, julian barstool $83.99, saddle bar stool $99.95, flo stool $1867 (i wish this was $18.67 instead), bottega stool $850, timber stool $349]

please click “read more” below for the rest of the roundup…

[image above, clockwise from top left: al bombo bar stool $1372, sebastian bar stool $49.99, erik buck stool at 1stdibs, murphy bar stool $625, cherner bar stool $649, sgabello bar stool $1434 for set of 4]

[image above, left to right: biedermeier style stool $739, swivel bar stool $429]

[image above, left to right: t bar stool $139, circle bar stool $239, overlapping square bar stool $139]

[image above, left to right: scoop-back bar stool $149, bamboo counter stools- 2 for $329]


Thank you for the barstool roundup. I’d love to find the red stool that you show in the first collage of stools. It doesn’t look like you’ve listed a source…


What is the name of the red industrial one in the first set? It doesnt look like it was labeled in the captions


Thank you so much for posting all of these! I’ve been on the hunt for some chic barstools for my new apartment, and now you have presented me with so many choices, all I have to do is pick one! lol.


These are great!

Can you also do a roundup for coffee tables? I feel like it’s so hard to find the perfect one…


Grace, would you please let me know where you found the Malte stool in white and birch? The link to Ikea you provided only shows it in red and black. Many thanks!


JP and anon: It’s the Tabouret, available at the Conran Shop and, somewhat incongruously, Sundance.



when i built this last night the ikea stool was on the website, and now it’s not. i emailed their PR person to figure out where it is. i forgot to check the sale section so perhaps there? sorry about that, sometimes things disappear if i dont build it the same day it goes up.

i’m adding the link for the red stool- sorry i missed it.


why buy new?

bar stools are another one of those items that show up all the time in thrift stores, in all kinds of styles and always at great prices! If they require a little re-habbing, it’s not nearly as daunting a task as most other pieces of furniture


why buy new-

i agree- i mentioned that in the intro above and i hope people will try some diy options if these are out of their price range.

a few years ago when i was living with a roommate we bought basic ikea metal stools and spray painted them bright blue and them created foam cushions and used old hable construction fabric i had lying around to “upholster” them with a staple gun. they’re definitely great places to start with a project like that.



How come you always blog about what I’m interested in ? I love it !!

I also second second Dylcia for a coffe table round up. Please ?


ummm…yeah. I just revamped my jewelry studio and found 2 (boring) stools to work on. Why didn’t I think of the cool-stool factor? Anyways, thanks so much for your insight here. I might just have to jazz up the stools that I’ve got!


I really like the Bryce stool you featured because its larger base makes it more convenient to climb onto.

I’m not too tall so getting up on bar stools can be uncomfortable.

Plus, it’s nice to have somewhere to put your legs!

Rene Wheaton

I have two of the franklin barstools from Ikea and they are great… they also fold up for easy storage, turned out handy when are 1 year old started climbing them. Great buy for $20


Thank you for the stool ideas. I am on the hunt. I am trying to find the best barstools for kids. Which is safer- with a back or without? Any reccommendations on stylish yet functional stools for kids? I really like the bryce.


Many thanks, Grace. Some great new ideas here. Your dear reader, craig.

heather moore

What great timing! I’m working on an illustration where someone is perched on a barstool, and voila! References a-plenty! Thanks for the inspiration.


The two bar stools at the top are fantastic! It’s always helpful when a barstool has a ring on which to rest one’s feet. Awesome design.


If anyone is interested in the Design Within Reach Bottega Stools in that camel color and live in Dallas, TX area I am wanting to sell two of them…in MINT condition and very affordable.

Email me:


Do all these guides of yours get updated after their original publication date?



we normally do an updated version of a guide, but we don’t go back and edit past guides. i’m planning updates to most of these guides this year, but normally i let guides be for a year or so until the products found within aren’t available.


ok great! thank you. I was just afraid certain guides from 3-4 years ago would outdated. Keep up the amazing work!


Where can I get hold of the ‘Draughtman’s Stool’ ($149) as shown in the second block of stool images? Many thanks

Shelley Smith

OK….first blog for me to ever join! I hope I do this correct. I am looking frantically for this wonderful Steel Wire Chair I saw at a precious store called, The Left Overs in Brenham,TX. I am wanting to see if they make it in a counter stool height. Can anyone help me? I have a photo of the chair.
Thanks so much….from Texas

Simon Alford

I was interested in the sliver Bombo Bar Stools you have in the pictures and wold love some but at 1200 dollars they are a bit out of my price range. They have good bombo bar stools here: but not in Silver – can anyone help?

jason chan

hi i’m interested in the “charles ghost counter stools” . i could like to order 10 pcs and im just wondering that how can u guy delivers to me. i’m from singapore


i would like to know where to buy lyra bar stools in cape town.
thanks very much


I am looking for the Bryce counter height stool (the ones in the first picture). Pottery Barn doesn’t have them on their website anymore. Do you know where one might find them?



I always love the bar stool with backrest rear. I want to be able to sit upright so that my back healthy. Without backrest, I worry that my spine curved because they can not rest when tired. Bar stool without backrest should not to sit for hours each day.