under $40: budget decorating

last week i started posting roundups of my favorite affordable decorating accessories over at domino. this week the roundup is continuing with 10 great products under $40. click here to view the full roundup. if you missed any of last weeks here are the links: products under $10, under $20, under $30.

[sourcing for the products shown above and below can be found right here]

George P.

I really love the shot glasses, especially the one in the shape of a moose… Unfortunately the link no longer works. Where could one find these shot glasses?
I love your blog, you’ve inspired me to go out and tackle a million projects!


Me too! I’ve been thinking about those shot glasses since I first saw them and now I finally found them again. But alas, the link is not working! Could you tell us where we could acquire these?
Oh, and thanks – for everything! Love the blog.


Oh, George P,
I just googled “animal shot glasses” and found lots of places to buy these!