thoughtful gent

i’m always trying to find notecards and stationery that are suitable for ac. when we send joint thank-you’s i’m pretty sure he’s not too fond of my lacier, girlier, animal-themed paper collection. so these designs from thoughtful gent are right up his alley. thoughtful gent has a collection of folded notecards called “mancards” that are part of a yearly special edition based on the paintings of michael magrin. if you’ve got a guy in your life who might want to send a note now and then and would like something a little less girly, click here to check out thoughtful gent’s collection.


Elizabeth W

uh-oh, if i say these are gorgeous will that make me manish?


Very cool. And, haha, funny enough, my bf picked out a very bright, colorful set of stationery with flowers on the box. Now, the cards themselves are all plain colors, and he lets me use the pinks, but still, I thought that was pretty funny.