sneak peek: screech owl {brooklyn}


we first got a glimpse into the home life of jacqueline and george schmidt of screech owl design this summer with a charming look into their summer cottage in michigan. it’s great to see the different sytles reflected in each place – summer getaway versus modern, urban living – and it’s no wonder their ideas stay fresh and inspired. in case you missed it, click here for their first sneak peek, and here to view more, full-sized images of their fantastic brooklyn place. stay tuned for a second fabulous sneak peek at 1pm. for tons more inspiration, click here for over 170 sneak peeks! [thanks geroge and jacqueline!] -anne

[Above: Here is the dining room with some pieces that I made for Jacqueline and I. The dining room table is a sort of temporary place holder that I threw together while we’ve been waiting for some cherry planks that I had milled to season properly. ]

Also in the Kitchen is our collection of books – we’re both certified bibliophiles, and the thing is getting a little overstocked, but we read a lot, and enjoy having them right here were we can reach them. My cousin (who is a welder, among other things) made the shelves for us as a wedding present! Awesome! I helped a little.

This is our bedroom – the two pieces of art are Jacqueline’s – both are collages, a canoe, at left, and a fishing boat, at right.

These are some vignettes of the foyer. The painting is my own, the cabinet and the mirror I also constructed myself. The mirror is inspired by one that I saw downtown at BDDW. It’s got a bentwood frame.

This is the Kitchen, which, like most homes, is where we spend most of our time. The print above the sink is my own, and well, it’s just pretty much the perfect kitchen. Lots of room for friends to hang out, lots of counter space, and plenty of cabinets.

Here is a little vitrine where Jacqueline has collected some bones – one of our favorite places is the Museum of Natural History, so I think we’re trying to recreate it here, just a little bit. Animals and Nature are our abiding interest.

The wall unit is made out of a thrown away piece of particle board – the whole thing is made of one 4 x 8, and has nice drawer pulls I got from a friend at Netto Collection, They really spruce it up and take it to the next level.


Gorgeous! I love that everything in this home is sort of rough around the edges, with lots of handmade pieces. The art is amazing, too! I especially love the painting above the Eames chair.

Abbey H

As usual, a lovely sneak peek. I love the artwork and would die for that kitchen. One question: does anyone know who designed the grey rocking chair (appears to be fiberglass with a tall back)?


I love the print of seabathers turning somersaults. Where is it from?

Elizabeth W

love the mix of distressed and repurposed peices with clean, modern peices. love all the artwork – expecially the one over the chair in the foyer. i would bet this is a great place for intimate gatherings.


Love the wooden floors against brick walls; gives it a very warm feeling, plus the many plants.

Anna @ D16

This is a great peek, thank you! I love how warm all of the different woods look, and those bookshelves are a dream. I want a welder friend who will build me some, too! :)

(Abbey H: The gray fiberglass chair is by Luther Conover.)


Fabulous use of modern and global style touches. The textures used both physical and those visually introduced by the materials used make these rooms truly unique. The home clearly shows the homeowners personalities!

A treat for the eyes!



This is my dream home! The exposed brick looks rustic and cozy, and the wood floors give it a chic finish. The furnishings show impeccable taste too! Thanks for sharing with us.

Annemarie Roos

aw, that little bronze owl in the last picture is SO adorable :)


Love it! I get sort of an updated Frank Lloyd Wright feel from this. Mixed with something else, although I’m not quite sure what that is. Probably just originality!


Love the particle board floating storage! Overall, very comfy/livable space =)


beautiful house! i love the mix of modern and industrial. great kitchen too. thanks for sharing!


I really like this – EXCEPT – why is it trendy to have animal hides on the floor now? Seriously – most people don’t even consider wearing fur coats anymore, but it’s ok on the floor? If it were a cat hide, would that be different? Sorry to use this as a podium, but I just had to comment on that cow hide.


I love the place ! but from who is the rocking chair ? Charles and Ray Eames ? Modernica? Vitra ?
Is it a vintage or re-edition?
I think you cousin has to do a business with the shelves …. really nice realisation !
bye bye


Very beautiful, I love your space. I’m rather jealous. But, I have to agree with Angelune with the fur on the floor. Anthropologie has some nice rugs.