sneak peek: heather taylor


all week heather taylor has been doing a wonderful job as our guest blogger sharing bits of her style and a fresh taste of LA. so as she continues to share a couple more posts this week, we thought it only appropriate to share a sneak peek of her LA home she shares with boyfriend and co-gallery owner, alex de cordoba (he’s also the photographer behind this sneak peek) . i love that she describes her style as “moroccan modern meets an english library by way of a flea market.” and all i know is that as it gets crazy cold (for october) here on the east coast, i’d kill to hang out in her backyard right about now! you can click here for more, full-sized images of their great place. if you find yourself in LA anytime soon, be sure to check out gallery taylor de cordoba and don’t forget to check out LA in bloom, heather’s guide inspiration around LA. [thanks heather and alex!] -anne

[Above: The backyard is a great space to entertain.  The previous owners of the house left the moroccan-style couch, which we decorated with cozy pillows.  They also left this odd yet beautiful carved headboard looking piece, which we hung above the couch, to create a cozy space.  Our good friend and noted landscape designer Tory Polone, helped us create this space. I’m obsessed with succulents so I fill the space with many different varieties.  This is really our outdoor living room. ]

Our house was built in 1924 and is part of a historic preservation district in Hollywood called Spaulding Square, which consists of about 160 houses on four streets right off the Sunset Strip. This is the area where silent movie stars used to live in the 20s and Lucille Ball lived here too.  Most of the houses are craftsmen, but ours looks a bit like an English cottage.

The living room is quite large, so I divided the space into a proper living room on the left and a foyer/library on the right.  This library area houses one of my prized possessions, an original Eames lounger, which I inherited from my grandmother.

Dining Room – We found the “bar” at a flea market and display our vintage bar accessories (an owl bottle opener, an Anri bottle stopper and a black patent leather ice bucket), along with our ever growing collection of grappa and tequila. The bar is presided over by an American painting by Gertrude B. Coffin, circa 1933, which we bought at an Antiques show in Chicago.

My office is where I really get inspired. The wall color relaxes me and I love the chaise lounge, which my parents had tucked away in storage for over a decade until I claimed it.  The chaise is surrounded by really special items: an old knitting bowl inherited from my grandmother, a vintage magazine rack i bought in palm springs, a framed artwork by gallery artist Kyle Field, and an old shadowbox depicting yarn being spun, also from my grandmother. My office is where I keep all my knitting books and cookbooks, too. I store other little priced possessions in the bookcases.

The dining room is an important space since I host a lot of dinner parties and love entertaining. The room has marigold walls, which make everything glow and we painted the interior of the original cabinets a pomegranate color.  The centerpiece of the room is the moroccan chandelier which casts a magical glow. Another standout element of the room is the black cut paper wall piece by the artist Chris Natrop.

Miss sunrise

oh what a good idea! I love Heather’s work and univers a lot so It’s a pleasure to discover the place she lives in. But the link to see more photos doesn’t function without a yahoo account ????… So sad!


There is something so relaxing and soothing about her spaces — the neatness and the cool colors really appeal to me.


Love the details in older homes. Especially enamored with the angles of the living room (and the mirrors on the fireplace).


what an inspiring space! that chris natrop piece is stunning. i want to be two inches away from it to see all the lovely details.

marcy wacker

this house is gorgeous. i love the palette and the outdoor seating area. just amazing. i just realized i repeated junkdrawer’s sentiments! well, it’s all true. may i ask where the horse lamp from? i love it!


Beautifully decorated home. What’s the name of the paint color in the living room?


This house is amazing! I am in love with the colors she used in the living area – it’s modern but still really livable and cozy. And I love the horse lamp.


I love everything about your home! Any tips you can give me on where you found that gorgeous rug with the orangey tones that is behind the sofa table in your living room? I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for about 6 months to find a rug like that! (Psst, one tiny little itty bitty correction – it is “prized” possession instead of “priced”.) Fantastic work on your house!


I love the green on the office walls. Do you remember the name of it? Beautiful home- thanks so much for sharing it with us!

anne wintroub

Such a lovely home! I second the question about the paint color in the living room, also, what is the color in the office?


I would also like to know the living room color, I want to repaint and this color would be perfect.


This is such a cute home. The only thing thats a little off putting though are the two almost coffin shaped mirrors over the fireplace =/


I thought I was reconciled to a life in the Pacific Northwest, but there you go making me homesick for SoCal! What a beautiful home. The mirrors on the fireplace are genious.


Can we please get some details on the chandalier in the photo with the white chaise lounge? (her office, I believe) – It looks very similar to one my parents have, and me and my Fiance are looking everywhere for one similar in looks/style/size. thanks so much, and what a gorgeous space!


The paint colors in the office and bedroom are definitely my favorite. Such a wonderful house.


Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful comments. CJH – the living room mirrors are from Empiric ( Marcy – the horse lamp is indeed Jonathan Adler. C- the Chandelier is and old crystal piece that came with the house. Check ebay. I don’t have paint colors at my fingertips, but will gather the info and post here. Thanks for looking!


i love that wire table in the backyard … but i can’t remember where it is from? can you please remind me … love the whole look!!


Anon – wire table is from cb2. queenpretty – i had the curtains custom made from some pretty fabric I found.



You have such a stunning home; I love it. Thanks so much for the sneak peek. The color palette is very thoughtful…calming and luxe.

I’m tossing in my question, if you don’t mind…who makes the fabric on the pair of chairs in the living room?

karen Cornett Kearns

Heather–What type of rug is that in the living room?? It’s a rug, right? Looks like large white-washed bricks or’s there a source for that? it

Elizabeth W

i LOVE the color of the dining room walls! the bedroom is so crsip and simple – love the lighting. heather’s L.A. in Bloom is as awesome as her sneek peek – she has some terrific recipes there. last night i made the roasted fall vegetable and ricotta pizza and it was AH-MAZING.


Are the floral chairs in the living room the Lyto Wing Chair by Cisco Brothers?! I just ordered a pair in pale grey linen with a kick-pleat skirt for a client, so I love seeing them like this! Super fun.


I love your paint color in the master bedroom. Could you share the name and brand? Thanks!


How much fun to see how you and alex pulled the house together. The landscaping is wonderful. You have managed to create an intimate and gracious space.


Heather & Alex! What a beautiful, enchanting and “cozy” home you have created. It brings a smile to my face to see that you two have created such an amazing home.


I just bought a house (we close tomorrow) and your bedroom is so beautiful it gives me chills! I would give anything to know the paint color! Absolutely beautiful!


Gorgeous dining room… Simple, yet perfect with the amazing piece of art and Moroccan chandelier, and I’m surprised that I like the table as well. To sum it up: striking :)


The style has done the house justice especially since you said it use to house silent movie stars in the decade :) great job!!