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sneak peek: caryn grossman

by anne

today’s first sneak peek is a glamorous departure from the real-world (but beautiful) homes we normally run. designer caryn grossman lives in an elegant, atlanta home that we thought would serve as a wonderful afternoon daydream full of rich fabrics and colored glass. having recently re-watched sofia coppola’s marie antoinette, it reminds me of a modern day twist of something straight out of the film (but instead of a grand chateau, caryn’s place is a 70+ year old former telephone factory). thanks to caryn for sharing her home with us today! you can click here to see more of her interiors work at revolution. –anne

Home is so inspiring, I’ve moved my studio back in, and am enjoying every moment of creativity.

I work, and most definitely play, with design, music, the alternative arts, and the relationships between.

My life seems to be a constant experiment of combinations of each.

I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people with talent and grace, and I’ve been amazed to see my own work, and my world, grow.

I make my living as an interior designer, but I write, design just about anything, and collaborate artistically with anyone who asks.
My home and my studio have always been ever-evolving installations… places where my mind, and my hands, just wander free.


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