sneak peek: carolyn veith krienke


when carolyn veith krienke of  jan & äya, a fantastic brooklyn shop, emailed me the images and descriptions for her sneak peek, i was completely charmed by the wonderful words she included to describe her home. while she is the designer by trade, i love that she cites everyone, down to their 17 month-old son as influences to the space they live in. in her words: “i love how our home is a wonderful mix of worlds, reflecting the story of our lives through the objects and furniture that occupy.” she cites toys from her childhood in switzerland to her children’s artistic creations and how they embody the design ideals of their family. named after her two children, her store/gallery, jan & äya, follows the same philosophy. each season presents a new theme reflecting the world around us, and it’s clear how her family plays a major role. [thanks so much carolyn!] -anne

[Above: The necessary bed side reads for Kai]

living room: To my complete surprise, Jan decided it was a good time to take a nap while I was taking pictures. I couldn’t have imagined a better moment!

Our couch broke a month ago and instead of rushing to buy a new one we decided to live up our Moroccan fantasies until we find one we like.

Both the table and the armoire, antique pieces we found in Brooklyn, are a testament to our love of the rustic and social. We spend hours around this table with our children, family and friends laughing, debating, dancing, crying, rejoicing and of course dining on good food and wine!

Next to the dining room, our bedroom must be the most beloved part of the house. By morning time everyone is in our queen size bed, including our two cats.

A great example of how our children are creating their own contribution to our lovely home… legos and drawings, with paintings by our friend Ezra…Ever since I met my husband I’ve been taking pictures of our family sleeping. Here are a few along with a photo of Äya (top) by the photographer Tosca Radigonda.

Jan hanging out in Äya’s bed

The photo is one of the first event photos I took after I moved to New York.


I love the dining table – that’s all we can really ask for in life, a family and a beautiful table to gather round! Thanks for sharing!


The bedroom IS wonderfully inviting. And as far as the couch goes, I love the idea of waiting to buy what you love and using what you have in the meantime.


Thank you for this sneak peak! You’ve made a lovely home. Where did you find that bedside sconce?


in the first photo i love the huichol indian string/beeswax piece. it is rare to find people who have a bit of this west Mexican folk art in their home.


Absolutely love the dining table & armoire, plus the bedroom. All simple, full of light, yet beautiful, warm and homey.


I love the book sin her bedroom and her approach to decorating, a home for living and enjoying,my kind of place.


what a wonderful home. i love the collection on the dining room table. looks like it changes as the seasons/moods/art projects do.

Haven Vaughan

Aw Shucks… I keep missing the opportunity to come out and hang in your stellar digs and play with the kids! Yuck work…This week for sure. K? The pix are super sweet! Hugs for everyone. XO


Amazing place! Can you tell where the bedspread is from? Thanks!


the embroidered pillow is just lovely, and it works perfect with the modern print duvet!

katie ukrop

Loved seeing Carolyn’s wonderful house. I recently stumbled upon her exquisite shop on a trip to Brooklyn. It is as wonderful as her home. Oh, and she is just as lovely!


that insanely adorable child is going to grow up to be super creative, i just know it! love it top to bottom!


Hi, what a lovely home you have. I just cant get my eyes of that fairy looking lamp in the child room.
I’ve seen it once before but cant seem to remember the name of it?


lovely home, lovely shop and lovely people. Carolyn is a wonderful and super creative person-an inspiration. xxo

Heather Falconer

The apartment looks beautiful Carolyn and Kai. you guys did such a good job on the place and yan looks so cute sleeping on the blanket. I miss you guys very much and hope to talk to you soon.
Love always


Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your home with us. Where did you find the book shelf in your bedroom? I always have tottering piles of books, and this would be perfect!


Before I go on a frantic internet hunt for that terrific bookshelf, can you give any info on its origin?? I love using vertical space in totally functional and creative ways. Great post!


Lovely house. Can you tell me where you got your headboard from in your bedroom?


Such a sweet home, very “Carolyn”!!!! Thanks for sharing…


Everything looks so lovely!.And my grandson Jan sleeping on the make believe sofa,so cute.Thank you,Carolyn.


mm this is probably one of my favourites so far! all of the artwork is beautiful and i love the kids’ room! amaaaazing!