small space solutions

i’m always looking for a great, compact desk, but this one really takes the cake. talk about perfect for small studios, dorm rooms and converted closet desks. they’re certainly not for everyone (especially those who need more writing and storage room), but if you live in a tiny apartment and need something small for short-term work this wallflower wall office by jonas and jonas seems perfect. via notcot.


love the desk! and i love the numbers hanging above it! any idea where i can get those from?


How wonderful! I’ve been looking for a petite desk for my new little apartment and this is just perfect!


WOW way cool! Not enough room for me, as you mentioned, but I’d love that in a guest room or something.


Beautiful! Now let’s see if Derek and Lauren can do a DIY of this desk … !


So cool! I couldn’t find it via the notcot link, does anyone know how much it costs? Great idea to get something like this in a DIY post!


I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. My husband and I share an office and we’ve been on the hunt for a tiny little space for me to plunk my laptop down. Thanks for posting this! (btw, I’m in the LA area, so I hope you had a great time here) best, m


can someone tell me where the cute lace bin below the desk came from? i’ve been seeing those everywhere (including strapped on to the front of a bike) and i’m DYING for some!


Beautiful – I just wish the legs were more refined. They look like metallic walking canes!


brooke, google “carrie bicycle basket,” they’re sold in any moma store and other online stores. i walked into the sfmoma store with the intention of buying it, but found the green just not the right shade of green. :(


i need one of these. Please let me know where i can get one!! Thanks