garudio studiage

ok, so this are a little silly (i can hear some of you saying “a little?”) but sometimes when you have a really bad day it would be really nice to look up and see one of these smiling “flat pets” from chris ratcliffe at garudio studiage looking back at you. sure, the real thing would be so much better but not everyone has room or proper time for a pet so if you’re looking for something silly and cute, these guys might be up your alley. i just want to stick one of those orange kittens by my front door so it’s always there to greet me. [ps: i’m also digging their “wildlife of london” bags. the white lettering on black is really calling my name]


A dose of silly is a nice antidote to all of the seriousness lately. I’m with you!

And they are adorable to boot.


calls to mind the SATC episode with Charlotte & the cardboard baby


I love this! Every time I drive into my garage I secretly hope that a kitty will be looking out my bedroom window at me. Here is my solution. (My husband is very allergic to cats!)


The cats remind me of the cats on Ms. Umbridges plates on the HP: Order of the Phoenix.

Caroline Moncur

I love these…especially the little bunny! I’m also taken with the wildlife of London tea towels on their site. Thanks for the tip.


We have one of the kitties – they’re quite a hoot and make us smile quite a lot!


These are super cute but it would cost about $30 to order a bunny and have it shipped to the US. Bummer.


I’ve recently been obsessing about wanting a cat and my boyfriend won’t let me… how could he say no to one of those, they’re so cute you don’t have to let them out in the middle of the night.