domino: the book of decorating

when it comes to reading, i tend to be a magazine girl. i wish i spent more time up to my ears in novels, but when it comes down to it- i love to collect and read glossy magazines. and over the past few years few magazines have kept as happy as domino. i remember the excitement around the magazine when it first launched and how seemingly all of the corners of my home became cluttered with pages torn from its covers. as the years have come and gone the magazine has grown and changed and now it’s launching what i think is its most exciting project yet: its debut book, domino: the book of decorating. ($32; simon and schuster)

it’s rare that i pick up a book and spend more than a few moments glancing through pages looking for the best photos, but when i got my copy of domino’s new book in mail i spent the rest of the day reading through the chapters about living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more. i’ve been wanting to write a book for the past few years that would encompass a sort of “modern girl’s guide to decorating” and well, domino’s done it. the 270 page book covers decorating in 8 sections of your home (entryways, bathrooms, offices, kids rooms, dining and the additional topics above) as well as some really functional and practical guides to details like window treatments, hanging artwork, and combining accessories in a way that feels cohesive.

what struck me most about the book was how much i loved reliving some of the homes that have run in the magazine over the past few years. because in addition to being a functional decorating guide, the book also serves as a “greatest hits” of domino interiors. i forgot just how inspired i was by some of the homes they published (remember the “for like ever” poster everyone wanted? and the dark navy blue kitchen?). but in addition to the book combining the best and most inspiring rooms, they’ve organized them in a way that is practical and useful- in a way that will make you want to hold on to the book for years to come, as a resource guide and not just a pretty picture book.

perhaps the most helpful part of the book is the ‘decorator’s handbook’- a guide to window treatments and upholstery that answers almost all of the FAQs i get from readers on a daily basis. whether you want to know the name for details like pelmets and rosettes, or just want to know how long you should hang your curtains, there’s an answer and a picture for everything. and not to mention there’s a great resource list right after the guide to tell you where domino’s editors suggest shopping. all in all, domino’s new book has got decorating covered from a-z.

in honor of the new book i wanted to run some photos of domino editor sara ruffin costello’s incredible living room/kitchen/dining room that appears in the book (photos above). when i first flipped through the book it was the first room that caught me and, two weeks later, it’s still sitting on my living room table, open to her pages, waiting to inspire my bedroom (which i feel must be entirely redone after seeing the color palette and fabrics she used.). her home is fresh, sophisticated and the sort of space that i can only dream of living in. but for now, i’m going to use the decorating tools in the book to try to create my own version of this look at home. [photos of sara’s home taken by paul costello].

domino’s new book hits stores on october 14th but you can order a copy right here through amazon (running around $21.12 right now). whether you’re looking for tips on redoing your home from top to bottom, or just a little decoration inspiration, domino’s book of decorating is a must-have this season. AND- if you’re in the nyc area on wednesday, october 15th, you can attend a free, public launch party for the book at the conran shop. the event takes place from 6-8 pm and you can rsvp right here. you can also call 866-755-9079 for more information.

Jeffrey Melton

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i just got my pre-ordered copy the other day and am pretty obsessed with it…definitely a must-have



so sorry- i removed them. it’s a wordpress vulnerability that drives me nuts.



I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy. And I never thought I’d say this but “Colin And Justins Home Heist Style Guide” is pretty good in terms of visuals too. I hate the show but the book looked quite good.

Elizabeth W

in my fantasy midcentury openstyle ranch, those are DEFFINITELY the curtains i want for the all-glass backside of the house. i added this book to by amazon wishlist immediately.


So excited I saw this post even a few days late. I RSVPed to the Domino party and am so excited for the book!

Get Togetha

I have the book and its so worth it! You’ll drool for days over the inspiration and aspiration this book gives you.


I’ve purchased the book but still cannot find where those curtains came from. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Sarah Toth

I love the book! On pp. 182-165 there is a bathroom by Chase Booth featuring a mirror that looks like the frame is made out of driftwood. Where can I find it? Thanks!


I adore this book! If anyone know where Sara found those bar stools, i’ll forever be in you debt! i’m finding it very hard to find any that aren’t hideous. Thank you!

rama weil

hi and thanks fpr a wondetfool book,
i bought thhe “domino” book in “amazone” and now i wonder where can i find a yellow stove like i sow on page 119?
i’m from israel indeed, but may be the company that market it – sail it also in israel.
please answer me soon as you can
thank you very much
– rama w.


i have the book as well and LOVE it! i would love to find out where those curtains come from. thank you!!!