diy wednesdays: doily side table

a few years ago we were delighted to discover that most hardware and lumber stores carry a selection of tapered wooden table legs.  they come in a wide variety of heights, from 4” to 28”, which means you can easily make all sorts of tables (from bedside to dining room) out of just about anything. by using a paper doily as a stencil we were able to pretty up an 18” round piece of wood with some spray paint, to make a simple and unique side table.

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happy crafting!
-derek and lauren

here’s what you’ll need:

  • 18″ pre-cut round plywood or mdf, available at lumber and hardware stores
  • two colors of spray paint
  • 10″ paper doily
  • blue painter’s tape (or low tack spray adhesive)
  • 4 tapered wood legs with hardware
  • screwdriver

1. paint your table top and legs with latex paint or spray paint and let dry.
2. place the paper doily in the middle of the table top and secure with a few rolls of painter’s tape. for a crisper edge, temporarily stick it to the tabletop with low tack spray adhesive
3. tape off the sides of the tabletop (optional) and apply an even coat of spray paint directly over the doily, trying not to get any paint underneath  its edges.
4. once the paint is dry, carefully remove the doily and blue tape.
5. attach the legs to the underside of your table 2″ in from the sides, using the provided hardware and screws.


i know this isn’t the point of your post, but i LOVE the wallpaper in the first photo. beautiful


this is so lovely! the doily stencil idea is great, and I really like how the table coordinates with that orla kiely wallpaper.


Cool idea! And I guess you could really change it from a doily to anything you might want stenciled there — outline of a dog, pattern cut out on paper, etc.


Love your site; Is amazing.

I an animal activist in Mexico, but my second passion is design!



I actually was JUST doing this same thing over the weekend (crazy timing) and my table is wobbly. I used four 28″ tapered legs, the straight brackets, and a 40″x23″ Ikea table top. Anyone have a suggestion on making it sturdy? I’ve used the short version of those legs before without wobbles. The table top is very light, but I doubt that would make much difference. Help!! Thanks!


What a GREAT idea!!!! I love it. looks like a Weekend project that I’ll have to plan soon :)


I have that wallpaper! For us folks in the US, you can buy it through anthropologie.

Orla Kiely Accessories

This is so creative!! I like the combination of the side table and the wall paper. I do not know this simple creativity by your own make your home unique and beautiful. thanks for sharing.


How do you get the center of the design filled in if the doily is solid in the center?