diy wednesdays: how to bind an accordion-style book

today’s diy comes straight from the pages of our first book, show me how!  it’s an incredibly comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of 500 things you should know, from how to make a tin-can luminary (#42) to fixing a flat tire (#400) to learning about color theory (#219). it was a total blast to put together, and we’re super excited to share one of the projects with you: how to bind an accordion-style book (#20). this is a fun, easy and crafty project that makes a great gift. you could fill the pages with photos, a story or collages, and customize the cover however you please. (we wrapped ours with one of our favorite fabrics by denyse schmidt.)

have fun!
-derek & lauren

click here for the full post and instructions, or just click “read more” below.

here’s what you’ll need:

two pieces of cardboard, cut to 5” x 7”

decorative paper or fabric

rubber cement or yes! paste



x-acto knife


how to:

1. to wrap the covers, cut the fabric or decorative paper 1” larger than each cover all the way around. place the cardboard in the center and miter the corners of the fabric or paper before gluing down with your rubber cement or paste.

2. to make the accordion pages, we cut a small stack of printer paper down to 9.5” x 6.75”, so it would be 1/4” smaller than our covers when folded in half.

3. glue or tape the pages together and adhere the first and last pages to the inside covers with rubber cement or paste.

4. fill the pages and tie together with a pretty bow.


WOW-four amazing projects! I love the use of fabric on this book-awesome.

This is the best DIY Wednesday EVER! I’ll be linking to all four of these in the Daily DIY.


PVA glue works sooooo much better and it won’t wrinkle your paper. That is the only glue that I use when I do bookbinding.


Hi Tina-

We took our stack of folded pages and taped them together with clear tape into one long accordion. Another option is to overlap the pages and glue them.


OMG! how cute i m going to have to make one of these i love it!!! i wish i had the same print on the fabric though! mine probabley won’t turn out as good as theirs but hey its worth a try : ) !!!


this is brilliant! my christmas present worries are solved! this is a winner idea….

still i am somewhat confused…the two pieces of cardboard, do you leave a centermetre gap between them to glue the already taped paper?


i really love the combination of colors. that black ribbon is lovely.