diy project: maya*made sack hack

i know wednesday is normally diy day but i couldn’t resist sharing this cool diy project from maya at maya*made. she decided to update the traditional cork board idea with something fun and different- coffee/grain/flour sacks. i love the way she’s re-purposed them here (though some of them are lovely i’d hang them as is) and made such a fun and easy project from them. click here for the full instructions or just click “read more” for details below. you can also click here for maya’s original post. [thanks, maya!]

Maya’s Sack Hack
(click here for her post and full instructions)

What You’ll Need:

  • bulletin board
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • coffee sack (Maya suggests calling your local roaster)


1. Cut your sack open along seam to get the largest useable piece of burlap out of it.
2. Measure your board and cut your covering with about 2-3 inches surplus around each side.
3. Position the graphic where you’d like them and secure it with a couple of thumb tacks.
4. Flip cork board over and staple burlap to back side. Don’t pull taut or you will skew the graphics. (Maya says: “I pulled it tightly the first time and regretted it. My second go at it left the letters a little wavy still, but it didn’t bother me.”)

Click here for more photos and details on this project at Maya*Made


i have a basmati rice sack or two that MUST now be made into cork boards!


I love it!!! I get burlap bags of Basmati rice from Whole Foods, and they have beautiful detailing. I just found a new use. My small bulletin boards don’t know what’s about to hit them :)


I’m so happy others love burlap sacks, too! They are such a wonderful material for repurposing and reusing. Thanks, Grace!


our local coffee shop in saugatuck, mi does this for their board. very cool.


what a great idea, I just returned from Hawaii and brought a bag home, not knowing what I’d do with it, but knowing I’d figure something out. Thanks.