Children’s Books

Before I get started, I thought I would mention that we are having a big Giveaway on Grain Edit to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Were giving away prizes from Matte Stephens, Julia Rothman, Petit Collage and Wayne Pate to name a few. It’s quick, easy and free to enter. You can see all the details here.

Ok, moving on. I love to look at Children’s books from the 1950s and 60s. I love the flat, often 2-3 color illustrations. Today I decided to dig up a children’s book entitled thomas written by Mary Harris and illustrated by Cliff Roberts in 1956. The book tells the story of a young girl and her cat thomas and the adventures/trouble they get into. My copy is in German, but there is an English version as well. This is one of my personal favorites, so I hope you enjoy it.



I adore vintage Children’s books also! Thomas is amazing :) I have never seen that one before. Thank you!

I collect vintage, block printed ones also. They are really cool because they not only have that 60’s feel but they also hang on to the handmade quality due to the carvings…..


Very lovely little book, and a cute little aby too (I have two myself). The most adorable cat breed.


I love those illustrations – I am now scouring Goodwills/garage sales to find some of the vintage Sasek travel books.


That cat is adorable. My bedroom when I was little was decoated with pink and white stripe and little black cats. I loved it.


I love abys ! Twig is the name of ours and shes a real troublemaker. Shes loves to climb and runaround the house.


I love that it’s spelled out on the cover – ein kinderbuch… In case we couldn’t tell by the picture that it wasn’t intended for adults!


The illustrations are wonderful ~~everything old is new again. The naive fluidity of the art combined with the featured colors is real eye candy for me. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing these illustrations. They are very inspiring. I love that style as well.


I’m with Faith – I love the Sasek books and scan the spines of picture books at goodwill to find them. Children’s books from the 50s & 60s are becoming increasingly rare at thrifts I’m afraid.


This book is stunning, I must get to see a copy in the flesh.
Thanks for showing it.
I have a few old books that I will endevor to share on my blog after seeing this.