before and after: audrey’s chairs

audrey romano’s home tour was a huge in august so i was excited to see some updates she’d recently finished. we all fell in love with audrey’s boston terrier but unfortunately the pup decided to make two of audrey’s green west elm pillows his own. so rather than lose them all together, she decided to salvage the fabric from each pillow and use it to update her vanity stool and a handmade wooden stool she felt was a “little too country” for her before. a few staples later audrey had updated seats and managed to save her pillows from becoming personal play toys for edward the boston terrier. thanks to audrey for sharing!

[image above: audrey’s west elm pillows before]

Meredith @ Studio Debris

this gave me a kick in the pants to update my grandmother’s vanity stool…still sporting this awful beige velvet that is older than me! What a great idea to re-purpose already loved fabric.

Does anyone have a link to a great tip sheet on how to do an easy reupholster project? best practices?


LOL so essentially, bye bye West Elm pillows?

Well I think their sacrifice was worth it. I was SO afraid to look at the After picture for that first chair, b/c it’s ADORABLE, but just a new fabric is nice. And this particular fabric complements the whimsical back and legs.

Second chair I’m not as crazy about, although it’s fine, just the chair itself doesn’t appeal to me as much.

Awesome job, though!

Mary Kate

Nice, simple, and turned out beautifully. Great little DIY projects!


I would love some guidance as well (tips, how-tos) etc on re-upholstery. Can anyone suggest? These are in fact adorable.


I love the transformation, I am bananas for your For Like Ever framed print.
This is random, but what font did you use for the “Before” and “After” text…im sort of a font junkie..
Mucho Thanks!


The wooden chair is a spinner’s chair. Narrow back for extended backward arm movement when spinning fibers.


this is a project i’m working on this weekend. going to a great tag sale to pick up a couple of chairs…I found the fabric about a year and a half ago…can’t wait to make my own transformation. thanks for the inspiration.


I adore the before and after projects! I actually have a chair very like this. I’m thinking to remake it like this! So fresh.

You know I’m also really curious as to what font is used for the before and after text. Anyone know? Thank you!


Grace, would you consider doing a post on how to buy used furniture in brooklyn/anywhere without getting bed bugs? I hear theres been an outbreak lately.