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sneak peek: sycamore street press

by anne

our first sneak peek of the day comes to us by way of eva jorgensen (and her husband kirk) of sycamore street press. we got a peek of their work last week here, and this week get a look into their lovely pattern friendly home. click here for more from sycamore street press. [thanks eva and kirk!] anne

[above: My great grandmother used this kitchen table for 50 years. The bouquet is from the pot of basil i grow on our front steps. ]

I started collecting patterned vintage linens years ago to use as the surface for my paintings. Now I’m back to using what remains of my collection for their original purpose (well, mostly). My mom made the green paper cut out. It reminds me of traditional Polish paper cutting, which I find very inspiring.

Kirk’s mom did the cross stitch sampler for our wedding. His sister, Kari, made the collage of Rosa Parks. We love photo booths. i don’t know if i should divulge this because it’s kind of sappy, but Kirk proposed to me using a photo booth picture.

We’re lucky to have a lot of great hand-me-downs. My grandparents lived in Paris in the 70’s, and they brought the coffee table and side table back with them.The chairs were my their first big purchase out of college. We painted and recovered them. My parents gave us the red rag rug, which was made from recycled clothing on the same looms that the Mormon pioneers used. Kirk lived in Russia for a couple of years, so that is how the collection of matroschka dolls began. The art is from some Eve Perry and Melissa Cox – two artists I went to school with. Kirk’s sister, Kirsten, of Kirsten*can made the black and red pillows, and his grandmother made the afghan.

This is a part of my polaroid collection, which has been going on for almost 10 years. I’m so sad that i won’t be able to add to it after this year!

The bathroom is very calming. I love the old freestanding cast iron tub. This is my beloved Vandercook letterpress. Above it is a painting by my friend Cheslea Taylor, which I love to look at as I print.

The painting is by my friend Allan Ludwig. Kirk surprised me with the surfer on a wave cookie jar. It plays songs by the Beach Boys when you open it.

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  • I met these sweet folks at Renegade Chicago just yesterday! This sneak peek confirms why I’m already smitten with Sycamore Street Press… their style is timeless.

  • I love how most of your home is comprised of things which were previously owned by family members or made by them! How lucky! Great character and paintings. Speaking of Polaroids– I would love love to have one but I know they aren’t going to make the film anymore (what a shame!!!), is there anywhere to buy an old camera and stock up on film??

  • Beautiful! Can anyone tell me where to get the cute little bedside lamp in the second picture down?

  • What a lovely home. So many of the details show their personal creative spark. I really love the rabbit pictures on the wall in the first image, are they available somewhere?

  • Such a beautiful home! Can you tell me where you found the jewelry trees on top of the dresser? I have been looking for some forever.

  • Aww [SWOON] over the photobooth picture proposal. I love photobooth photos too, but I can’t seem to get my bf to care much. Except, I suppose, to indulge me, but they’re so expensive nowadays that I almost feel silly doing that…

  • thanks for all the kind words! and thank you to anne and grace for doing the sneak peak!

    to answer some of the questions:

    kim – i’m not sure where you can find polaroid cameras and film still…probably online. i bought a stash of expired film (still works fine) a few months ago.

    abby – i got that lamp at a clearance sale at home depot last year.

    alison – the etching of the rabbits was done by my friend claire taylor. i don’t know if she has more of that particular print, but she makes a lot of amazing fine art prints of animals in a similar style. if you email me at eva(at)sycamorestreetpress.com, i can put you into contact with her.

    rocio – we got our press from don black linecasting in toronto. if you check out the classifieds at briarpress.org, they usually have listings of presses for sale, too. so does ebay and craiglist occasionally, and it doesn’t hurt to contact your local printshops to see if they have any they wouldn’t mind parting with.

    holly – the yellow jewelery tree is from ikea. the little gold panther earring trees are from urban outfitters, and the tall silver and green trees are from thrift stores.

  • What do you use to keep the polaroids on your wall? My wall is textured and the double sided VERY sticky tape doesn’t work too great

  • yay eva & kirk!!!

    this is so awesome.
    i can’t wait to see this home in person… one of these days.

  • What a beautiful home. I am in love with that painting by your friend Chelsea Taylor and I just tried to look for her but can’t find a website. Does she have one? I’d love to see some more of her stuff.

  • alieen,
    cheslea has a blog: chelseahtaylor.blogspot.com/

    she did that painting in my house a few years ago…but i think she may have something in that series still available.

  • oh! and courtney – i just used masking tape. my walls are very smooth, so it worked fine. i don’t know what you could sue on a higly textured wall…maybe hang a big board up and then stick the polaroids to that?

  • I loved your house. My daughter, Claire Taylor, sent me the link. We have loved photo booths for years, but sadly, they are very hard to find now. The only one I know of is at the Children’s Museum in SLC. Do you know of any more in this area?
    Also, I am glad to learn of someone else who loves furnishings, etc. with a history rather than new.

  • Nice space Eva! I’m so pleased to know your talents first hand- to own a piece of your fabulous artwork and have had the honor of working with you at the store.

    Congrats on all of your recent success!

  • What a charming place! I live nearby in the Village and love seeing what is behind the closed doors I pass by each day.

    Oh, and you can still keep up your polaroid hobby with the new Fuji instant camera! Its what I use for work.