sneak peek: see jane work


today’s second sneak peek comes to us from kelly osborne of see jane work. located 45 minutes north of l.a., it’s home to kelly, her husband jeremy and their two kids, george (4) and charlie (2), along with their twelve chickens (believe it or not, it’s not the only sneak peek with chickens!). when they first moved in the place was a dump and took a year to remodel – impressive turn-around, wouldn’t you say ?!? [thanks so much, kelly!] -anne








I love the bathroom floor tiles–any idea what they are (anybody)? I need them.


Okay Kelly, I am seriously in love with that bathroom! That is my favorite color. I live near See Jane Work and will be visiting soon:)


I love every room of this house. Great renovation. Where is the dining table from?


Oh I love it all..but especially that blue bathroom and that orange rug in the kitchen!! :)


What a beautiful home and rich source of inspiration! My hubby and I moved this past January into a house built in 1948. Needless to say, there is much work to be done! Amazing to see what can be completed in only 1 year. Thanks for the inspiration!


oh my. that bathroom is unreal.

I do like laundry in the kitchen—good for multitasking! Though possibly noisy.


LOVE this house! I live in Ventura County as well and keep meaning to pop by See Jane Work. LOVELY home as well! Especially the soft grey kitchen.


I absolutly flippin love everything in this house. PARTICULARLY love the blue subway tiles in the bathroom.


Any photos of the backyard with chickens? I would LOVE to see what the coop looks like! And what’s the other sneak peek with chickens? Amazing house!


Wow! I will buy it! :) I was also wondering if you might have any great ideas for nurseries? I am having a design block and would love any input!


I wanted to comment on the gorgeousness of that bathroom, and then I realized that everybody else did as well. I love the odd numbers above the kitchen sink, too!


These are so inspirational! I love the colors and the simplicity. That’s how I like to have my living space and design my client’s websites! :)

Thanks for sharing!


What is the source of the flower print in the living room? What a lovely house–calm and beautiful.


Love the bathroom. In one shot, it looks like a mirror is reflecting an interesting painting or poster…is it a marimekko? And/or where can I get it?


Oh my god. I ADORE this house. Especially as I am currently spazzing about purchasing items from Craigslist this week in a half-@$$ed attempt to redecorate my condo, this just makes me go, WOW, you CAN have an awesome home.

To be honest, the blue bathrooms are a bit much for me, but the rest is absolutely. to. die. for.


truly invigorating. seems as though so much can be accomplished in these spaces.


you can certainly see her the design bridge from work and home here. so lovely and crisp. i am totally envious! true inspiration! we need resources…..ok, spill the beans :)!


this home is so graphic! well designed all around but still feels like ‘home’

no easy task! perfection!!!


totally utterly fantastic and – the turnaround time makes me simply green with envy!
i love that kitchen with the laundry so perfectly placed!


I must have that dandelion print in the living room! where is that from? Love the whole house, it is inspiring!


That is stunning!! and kids live in that house?! RIDICULOUS! I love it!! Perfectly perfect and wonderful!


Lovely home and excellent palette. Can you share source for lighting fixture in the dining room? Many thanks.


Wow. That looks like a show home. Gorgeous! How she keeps those white sofas and chairs clean with kids is a mystery, however! :-) BTW, It looks to me like the laundry is in a “butler’s pantry” not in the kitchen proper….

Simple Eye

Stunning! I love it! I would love to know the living, dining and cabinet paint colors, they all work so well together.


Wow! It was kind of spooky (in a good way) to look at pictures of this home and see all the things I have been thinking about buying. And a few more that I have been looking for desperately! In the living room – the faux bois lampshade — I NEED that. Also in the great last picture — the plates with the power line across that – I NEED that. Any hints where to get?


I’m into my own renovation right now and this so looks like what I’ve been aiming for. I love the midcentury modern lighting with the friendliness of cottage style furnishings. Terrific colors, terrific style, updated for sure, without being ridiculously edgy! Great-Great-Great!!


I believe the plates are from Rosanna’s “Party Raffle” line–I have the matching wine glasses–but it looks like the line is discontinued.


Yes the bathroom is fantastic, but I am positively FIXATED on the orange rug/mat in the kitchen. When I first saw it I thought it was a custom screenprinted gel pro mat ( which would be an incredible idea since standing on a hard kitchen floor cooking and cleaning hurts the body, but the current gel pros hurt the eyes.


Just Gorgeous! Can you tell me if your kitchen cabinets are custom or what line? I love that color. We are remodeling the end end sees so far away. Thanks for giving me hope :)

Nicole Hughes

That floor tile in the bathroom is gorgeous…and so is that front room with the brown, lime green and white. It would be awesome to have a few sources for the beautiful things in her house. : )


The Plates (with the power lines) in the Kitchen are from a line called Snowden Flood. I just worked a trade show in london and saw her stuff there.
They are so great!


I LOVE this one because not only does the house look fresh and modern with some fabulous design elements, but it feels homey. So many times I feel like featured homes are beautiful looking, but I could never imagine living there. This is the exception!

Mandy Ford

I don’t know what is more drool-worthy, her home or her shop! I might have to lean more toward her home…lovely!!


De-lurking for the first time to say that I, too, love this house. Hands down my favorite entry to date. Thanks for sharing!


Does anyone know the name and brand of the color used on the cabinets and the brand of the bathroom tiles? They are gorg!


Love,Love,Love everything – especially large living room canvas and l.r. paint color as well as gray kitchen cabinet colors. Any chance of sharing that info? Thanks for the inspiration!


This is the kind of house where you’re afraid to use the restroom if the host feeds you some bad salmon. where do I put my feet? can I touch that? Thanks for sterilizing me Mom.


I just simply love it all. I think the gray kitchen is my favorite. What great use of colors in every room!


does anyone know the source for that fantastic green coffee table in the first pic? wonderful use of color and scale. Is this a ranch? Cottage?


I love the brown on the walls in the first photo. We have been searching for the perfect brown for our dining room… anyone know the color/type of paint??


I really like the paint color in the living room. Any chance you could find out the name and brand? It’s such a pretty, rich brown.


Best sneak peak I’ve seen, is your house always so clean & tidy, I’m jealous!


LOVE IT! Any idea the style and colors of the FLOR tiles in the dining room?


I adore your house, it is absolutely breathtaking. So airy, and just relaxing to view. You and your family have done a beautiful job!


The dandelion print looks to be discontinued. It was sold a few years ago by a company called amenity. They have since come out with some new prints.


LOVE the bathroom and love the idea of a pendant light over the tub. But I wonder: Every electrician I have asked to install a chandelier over my tub — and I have asked several — says that this is against code, and they can’t do it. Does anyone have experience with this?


What a beautiful, inviting home! I really LOVE the pale blue bathroom!

Bethany F

My favorite color combination to see in my “fruit bowl” is avocado, granny smith green apples & garlic. And those 3 colors together are her living room! I LOVE it.


This is the best ever!
I love every room, especially the bath.


the color schemes are perfect.
i like the kitchen and bathroom.


Now that’s what I call a house! Beautiful. Exactly what I like. Clean, organized and bold colors with taste.


You have such a creative touch! Your home is beautiful! Can you tell me about your living room couches? Where did you find them? How well has white worked with kids? I am thinking of trying it myself! Thanks!


I bought a house and was DYING to use my lime green leftovers from my Wedding (it was in lime, fuchsia, bright yellow, and orange) but everyone kept trying to talk me out of it! As they tried to do with my Wedding color pallette! I have black sofas and was afraid if I went chocolate on the walls it may be too much….the family/dining combo is EXACTLY the thought I had in my head! THANKS!!!! I am not going to let others talk me out of it now that I see that these TRULY DO go well together!

sharon snow

this is gorgeous! i love everything, especially the bathroom, bold and beautiful :) Can you share wood floor details They are so nice and fit so well with all rooms.


That is the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen! Ever! Those kitchen cabinets are just fabulous!!!


I love the color of the cabinetry. Any chance of finding out what the color is? We are re-doing our kitchen this fall and this would be perfect!