sneak peek: jill malek


our second sneak peek is a look inside brooklyn-based graphic designer jill malek, who specializes in luscious prints and fantastic wallpapers. i was suprised not to see more of these great patterns popping up around her home, but it was fun to see other sources of inspiration – particularly the re-inspired furniture she and her husband have created. enjoy the sneak peek below and click here for more, full-sized images. [thanks, jill!] -anne

[above: We made this living room lamp out of an antique tripod stand. The rug is a family heirloom from Armenia, and the architectural drawings were done by Vram’s grandfather.

a great place to store books..our DOMUS collection also makes for a great conversation piece. Next to the blackbird are used piano keys from which we hope to build a table..for now, they can be placed in the abstract art category.

the art on our walls is a collection of friends’ works, Dali prints, and photography and art from our travels. The dining table is a resurrected old drafting table.

this is taken in the home office. The mini models are of me and my husband, Vram. We keep them handy for scale when we are making models together for upcoming shows and presentations..they are very practical and conveniently provide a lot of amusement.

this sign is on our office door at home. The paper is from the vintage map folder that I pointed out before, the feather is taken from my rooftop, where my neighbor across the street trains many pigeons everyday, (which subsequently was the initial inspiration for my pattern, flux) and the old ‘J’ stencil was found in an antique store upstate.

A mix of inspirational pieces and current jobs, I always like to have a combination of fabrics and interesting papers on my office board.

this classic Philippe starck blue chair, we thought, would be a nice contrast against our pattern, Aphrodite in burgundy and gold, which occupies the accent wall behind it. Hanging light fixture is by tord boontje.


I love your rug! and your dining table, very good idea. If my place in Brooklyn had been so calm and pretty, I might have stayed longer!


thanks for sharing your home! i love it – it is a perfect balance of clean lines and the way you have hung your art. i am looking for a new sofa and yours looks great – where did you find it? i also love your chairs where are they from? thanks!


What kind of board did you use for your office board? I live in an apartment and am always looking for unique ways of organizing my sketches! Thanks!


Lovely space – serene, yet intriguing. I too am interested in your sofa – is it the Jasper from Room & Board, perchance? If so, how do you like it for comfort, durability, etc?


Oh, what a nice space fill with art. I love the drafting dining table. It is so lovely. Great inspiration.


So pretty and soothing. Would also love to know where the sofa is from and how you like it. Thanks!


You have one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen! Where did you buy that long patterned pillow on your couch? It is gorgeous!


Jill – Beautiful things….but I have the exact same sling leather chairs – I bought them at tag sale. Do you have any history on them? I can’t work out who made them. Do you have any info?


I have those leather chairs too! I’d love to know more about them.

Lisa Onstad

love the fireplace/bookshelf!
PS. The J “stencil” is actually wood type used for letterpress printing…that’s why it’s backwards!


I’d really like to peek into the kitchen too, please. I can see a bit of it in the last photo and it looks interesting.
I love the dining area.