sneak peek: helen dardik


sometimes when i’m contacting designers about the sneak peeks i play a little game with myself where i try to imagine what i think their house will look like. today’s peek into the home of  illustrator helen dardik is one where i feel like if given a quiz i’d be able to match the home to the designer. there is something about the home of that just looks like her fun illustrations – playful, colorful and kid-friendly. click here for more of helen’s work, her blog, and here for more, full-sized images of her home. [thanks so much, helen and family!] -anne

[Above: My favorite part [of the kitchen] is the blackboard (Ikea). A blackboard makes it fun and easy to spice up the kitchen with some spontaneous doodling.]

The living room: I must confess… we tidied up just for you! Usually there’s a billion books and toys scattered about on the floor, and a few forts, of course. This is what happens when you’re a kid who has kids. I try not to take the interior too seriously. Nobody likes a design nazi. The living room space is divided into two parts. The first half is black, white, and red, with two Ikea shelves and a Barcelona chair sandwiched lovingly in the middle. This space was designed entirely around the letter “A” that I rescued from a junk alley in Montreal (very glamorous, I know). It also serves as an excellent night light when you tuck Christmas lights inside.

The other half of the living room is predominately a place to curl up with my family, so I’ve filled it with warm colors. I purchased this couch at EQ3 because it immediately reminded me of car interiors from the fifties. All of the paintings are by “yours truly”. I ran out of vacant walls a long time ago, and now I’m contemplating selling all of my paintings on Etsy to make room for new ones. That should shake things up a bit.


Kitchen & Dining area: My kitchen is teeny tiny, but it does the trick. The stars of the dining area are my Eames stackable chairs in a delicious mustard color.

This orange mirror plays a big part in my entrance way. I was going for a self portrait here, but the girls made it better.

Office: As you can see, the toys have taken over, and the office is no exception. They are my co-workers. There’s no water cooler to gather around in this office built for one. But who likes small talk anyway? Some of my favorite books have also made it into the office inspiration crew. . . Overall, this is the home where my husband and children (me included) love to relax and create in.


I am so glad you profiles Helen. I just adore her work & seeing her home is so fun. I see a lot of things I’d love to have. Mostly her work. I lost all of my bookmarks & have been going nuts trying to remember her blog. Thanks to you I found it.
Great post!

Amanda from UpstateNY

Oh, where did the tres cool Chartres Labyrinth rug come from?


Where did that cool blue rug in the living room come from? It’s awesome! I want one! Love the whimsy in her home.


I liked the orange mirror in the first pic and loved it in the self-portrait pic. So cute.


I adore the labyrinth rug in the 3rd photo…where did you purchase it? I would love to add it to my home!


I believe I’ve seen that green labyrinth rug at Ikea. I want to know where the black rug with white flowers is from!


Where did you get the black & grey striped floral rug? I really like that!

What a beautiful home!

cindy k

oh, it is so happy and the last picture of the girls with the orange mirror is the icing on the cake!


I could move into that house tomorrow (can I please?)! It’s adorable, warm and so inviting for kids. What color is the orange paint on your walls in the living room? Love all the fantastic paint colors!


Lovely. I love the kid’s touches. Their bench with shoes is delightful. Thanks for sharing Helen and Grace!!

erin lang norris

Helen, your house is SO cool! I was kind of going for this fun, whimsical look when we moved into our apartment, and then after awhile I started missing my “farm house colors” as I refer to them. So I toned it down a bit thinking that I’d be happier with the reds/greys/beiges but after seeing your gorgeous house, I want my colors back again!

Your house is one of my favorite sneak peaks yet. :) Everything about it is just lovely.


a hse .w/ playful groomig and a tasteful sweetness~~~~lovely!


What a wonderful home for children to grow up in! I love Helen’s work! :D

phyllis sattler

LOVE the paintings in the family room and the one just outside a room with a boy,his lunchbox and the comment “Yum”. How does one go about purchasing Helen’s work?