sneak peek: brave space


first up today, our sneak peek features the williamsburg, brooklyn home of nikki frazier and sam kragiel, the couple behind brave space design. nestled into a knitting factory turned loft, they live amongst many of their prototypes, knowing that if it can survive their living quarters then it’s worthy of other peoples homes. the tight spaces, and their individual styles (nikki leans towards antique, older pieces, but sam opts for minimal museum style) also forces them to get creative. thanks so much nikki and sam, and don’t forget to click here to see more of their work. -anne

[Above: The building we live in was once a knitting factory and now, as much of this area has made the shift, it was converted into loft spaces. We moved in about 6 years ago and the views from the roof have kept us happy (and our wolfador, Shady Lane). ]

Our 4-person hollow dining table made with bamboo has slender storage pockets in it, where tablecloths and napkins usually end up. It’s the perfect size for our apartment.

These 2 polaroids in the wooden frame were taken before our wedding.

You can see a bit of the wolf stencil on the wall with our planar wardrobes. They are bamboo units with 100% recycled door faces. The chair beside those was a hand me down from a friend who moved to Boston. He’s moved back since but luckily doesn’t want his chair back because we’ve grown attached.

The bedside tables we have are old walnut speakers that we put on their sides. They have a really nice profile and are at a great level for our low bed. I also tend to stack up books on the “to-read” pile which at times can reach a very impressive height.

In our kitchen we built two cupboards with sliding doors and a hanging glass rack. We were looking around for something for this wall for awhile with no luck and finally just built exactly what we wanted. Basically this is the reason we design furniture.

This year I got really into planting seeds in the springtime. And for some ridiculous reason, I was amazed when they all got very large.

I tend to use the large silver gallon plus buckets, but we also acquired these cool cuervo reserve tequila boxes that I planted soybeans and sunflowers in. They fit perfectly into our window boxes, however they’re inside now because the August NY heat is a little too much for them.

This wall by our window houses our walnut & ash Tetrad Mega shelving. Our favorite example of modularity! I have two polaroid cameras that I saved from the early 80’s and think it is a wonderful format. I like to use the black polaroid cartridges that the film comes in as frames. There are 3 of them on that shelf.


Amy Shaw

You can see Brave Space Designs furniture at the Brooklyn Flea during the Greenjeans Fall Furniture Festival on 10/5.


how is that walnut speaker placed so that the speaker is flush against the wall, but the speaker grill is showing on the bottom?


lovely home.
so i’m a little curious. is “shady lane” an homage to pavement? it’s the first thing i thought of.

Elizabeth W

MAD PROPS to you for implementing a Mr. Show poster into your home decor! Hooray Bob & David!


what are those “100% recycled door faces” if they are DIY I would kill to know how


Thanks for the post Anne!
sonia – The walnut speakers were broken, we just really liked the angled shape.
e.b. -And yes, we named our dog Shady Lane cause we’re Pavement fans.
Anamaria – The recycled white door faces on the Planar Storage units are medite II by SierraPine.
Thanks again!

Erika Hanson

DesignSponge shows us little windows into a lot of really amazing spaces, but for some reason (lots, actually) this is one of my FAVORITE posts!!!
Nikki and Sam have such a relaxed style, that is quirky, personal, and totally what I would love to achieve in my own home. I love their unique blend of old and new. And that Cuervo planter box rocks!

This space is on my top 5 DesignSponge favorites!!



love the wolf stencil and the shelves with the glasses hanging, they look so nice!