sneak peek: angela adams


next up is a sneak peek of everyone’s favorite, angela adams. it’s easy to see how so many wonderful designs can come from this charming cottage/studio, and i love how it has become a showcase for her textiles and the furniture of her talented husband, sherwood hamill. and after compiling the regional roundup: portland a few months ago, it’s fun seeing how many local artists have infiltrated their way into her studio for added inspiration. you can find more of angela’s latests work here, and click here for many more images from her studio. [thanks so much angela and nan!] -anne

p.s. in case you missed it, don’t forget to check out her great in the kitchen with recipe for fondue!

The Rain tapestry is a tapestry I design a couple of years ago. I never get tired of starring at it and sinking into that landscape. My father in law gave us the womb chair years ago and it’s the perfect nest alongside the Rain Tapestry. The big floor pillow has our Manfred design on it. I like how the graphic language of the tapestry flows down right onto the pillow. I spend a lot of time sitting here and reading. Its very dreamy. The cute little guy on the chair is a cherished Soft Head, I bought him from my friend Diane at ferdinand up the street from where I work.

The cozy corner! This is the best place to nap during a mid winter blizzard! The pine trees in the window cover in snow and its magical. The pillows are a mix of ours and vintage finds. The fabric is our Mammy fabric. Sherwood made the sectional and the Mod Pod Coffee table. The area rug is soft and mellow. I named it Islands, after the islands I’ve always been surrounded by.

The living room is bright and colorful. This desk and chair are Prouve. the portrait on the table is of my Grandmother when she was 14 years old.

The rug and the fabric in this room are both named after my Grandmother, Mammy. She loved bright colors and has always been a great inspiration to me. Sherwood made the little yellow table for me. Its where I display found treasures. For the past year its been where I lay out all of my pure white things — beach rocks, shells, glass, coral, horns. It’s a beautiful collection and I love to move it all around and reorganize it.

My brothers, uncles and cousins are all lobstermen. I love to display their buoys and the hats they make each with their great boat names on them. It’s the place where I celebrate them and their passion for the sea. Whenever they visit, I often find new hats or buoys hanging on the hooks. They like it as much as I do.

My husband, furniture designer Sherwood Hamill made this table for me. Its big and hearty, the way I like a kitchen to be. I use it as a work table and love spreading my sketches and books all over it. The little paintings are by my good friend Karen Gelardi.


I keep lots of plants, urchins, shells, driftwood, moss, bark and other great shapes and textures around. They inspire everything I do.

I love how the little window seat overlooks the garden. It’s a great spot to sit and watch the hummingbirds.


I absolutely adore her rugs. If I won the lottery, I would have as many in my home as she does in hers. The colour pallette is so luscious, but not overdone, and has a timeless feel. Thank you so much for this sneak peak.

I read her husband did the kitchen table, but did her husband also do the kitchen chairs? I LOVE the back shape. Just gorgeous.


Wow, can I just have stumbled onto the answers to all my, “why doesn’t anyone make a good coffee table” dreams? Where does one find this?


Love all the rugs and colors-so beautiful. Where did the curtains in the bookcase photo come from? Thanks for sharing!

Suburban Pioneer

A note to Angela:
Are those Plycraft chairs I see at your dining room table? and, are they wearing their own little leather jackets with zippers?


I think I could say “I want to live here” about most of the sneak peaks. But this one is so perfect!

I love the bright light in the house.


beautiful place. really well done. i love the dining chairs, where they from?


(Oy, I hope I don’t get flamed for this…) Too much pattern-ing for my tastes, to be perfectly honest. I feel like I’d get dizzy in a house like that. But taken individually, the pieces are all very cool and could nicely accent a room.


Your home is so bright, welcoming and full of textures. I love the tapestry, I can see why you never tire of looking at it, it is gorgeous!

Joanne Stocker

I was instantly attracted to the feel of this house and also to Angela’s designs, which I never knew of. Reading her biography it all made sense. I miss the seaside dearly and their is a beautiful hint to it all through the place and her work in my opinion.
My compliments to you and Angela.


I love this! Especially the green and brown patterned rug.
Off topic: does anyone know the name of the plant in the plant picture that is on the right and has the leaves that fan out like an eight pointed star? (bad description, I know) I have been looking for one of these.


Oh no, I am green with envy. Please visit my blog so you can help me with constructive critism as I am trying to redecorate. You are cool, brave, eclectic and colourful – everything I want in my interior.


i love that sectional and modpod coffee table! gorgeous, i wish my husband made furniture.


i would DIE for one of those rugs. ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. they just seem to add the right amount of pattern + color to an otherwise-plain room!


Anyone know where I can find a black and pink globe like the one on her bookcase? I believe this was from DWR, but they no longer sell it. I would love help tracking one down. Thanks!

mama sponge

Hi Carolyn,This is Grace’s mom.The plant you are referring to is called a Schefflera.It’s a very commonly found plant at any greenhouse.


Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all of the nice comments about my studio. Thanks Grace, Anne and Nan for making it happen. I wanted to answer a few questions that are out there. The chairs in the kitchen are vintage Norman Cherner chairs and yes, they do have great zippers up the back. The black globe is also vintage. Sherwood’s furniture, the rugs and tapestries are all available through us. Our website has the contact info.
Thanks again everyone. It’s great to be part of this online design community. Thanks Grace for bring everyone together!

cheryl clendenon

Ok, I am off to get myself a new anglea adams rug! I love these and appreciate the blog for bringing it to us! I have specified the rugs for clients many times but now I want one for myself!! Thank you thank you

Port City Sally

So nice to see all my neighbors here in portland featured. There are so many great people– in particular creative and entreprenuerial folks like Diane and Angela Adams and Field and Mav, and I could go on . . . it is such a pleasure to be around

Creative Crafter

Like my son, you must be imported from Maine (buoys, Angela Adams). I am coming to Houston with two friends for the quilt show. Your site is a big help. Thanks.

Alona Elkayam

Angela your work is inspiring. More than that, is your harnessing it in such an accessible way, in so many formats and mediums.

Glad you are out there. Hope to meet you someday if our paths cross.


Loved all this rich and marvelous patterns in this home.


I am curious because the colours compliment each other so perfectly. Which came first the Mammy carpet or the painting of the blond beauty?