sneak peek: addie gartland


‘s rock and roll prints were a huge hit during the lena corwin printing by hand contest as the second place winner, so today we’re super pysched to show off the rest of her fab 1950s beach bungalow in jersey that she shares with her soon-to-be husband, sean, and their boston terrier, bonnie. their sheer enthusiasm to finally be homeowners – nevermind that it’s only 640 sq. ft – definitely comes across in this great place! thanks so much addie and sean (and bonnie) for sharing their home (click here for more, full-sized images)! as always, you can click here for tons more sneak peeks, and don’t forget to visit addie at drink and dream (you can pick up your very own rocker window shades right here in her etsy shop). – anne

[Above: This was my Grandmother’s red stool. When she passed away and the family was selling the house, that was the only thing I wanted. I don’t know anything about it, but when I was a kid I thought it was the most beautiful piece of furniture I had ever seen. ]

We love to decorate and give our own spin to hand-me-downs, and yard sale items. We’ve also picked up so many neat items from different national artists/crafters/designers during our faraway, exotic travels to Brooklyn, NY, while I’m usually participating in craft fairs or art shows. Because of money and space, we make due with what we have, sure I’d love to buy that mid-century modern buffet and cabinet I saw on Craig’s List or the Knoll chairs I saw at the vintage furniture shop, but it’s just not feasible right now. One day, I hope…

So outside of my full time work I spend every waking moment working on my own design for Drink and Dream. I have a graphic design and fine art background, graduated from Boston University in Graphic Design, and am absolutely inspired by everything and everyday things. Music, pop culture, art history, nature, eavesdropping on someone’s conversation, just driving down the street and seeing what I see everyday, the bizarre people that live in our town, the immigrant workers hanging out on the streets where I work, I love all this, everyday things you see are so interesting, it’s never boring. I feel the same way about decorating the house, it’s all about what inspires me: music, nature, pop culture. I think my sense of humor comes out in my work and decorating style, but it’s all about what I like and gets and me going or excited.

Custom printed Ramones window shades by Drink and Dream.

An old cabinet from my Mom and that red lantern bought with the Harry’s Army Navy gift certificate my Dad gives me every Christmas. The vodka is wearing an apron with an axe, which was a souvenir from Chris and Lina’s trip to Lizzie Borden’s House.

This Shane McGowan painting was a housewarming gift from our good friend and artist Andrew Bannon.

You know when you love something so much and you can’t explain why, that’s how I feel about his red stool. It’s perfect in every way. One of the best yard sale purchases ever. Animal prints by Berkeley Illustration.

I love Justin Richel’s Amazing Talking Paintings. Everyone should own one, I think they’re perfect gifts. They actually have a clever little extrusion that allows the subject’s mouth to move up and down or eyes to move. Awesome.



what a lovely, livable home!

I like you red stool too. what a great red.

Miss Jess

I voted for the Johnny and June shades. What a perfect little space – can’t wait to purchase some of your goods to fill mine!

Lisa Renee

The Shane painting looks so badass and the Ramones shades are so creative. I didn’t catch these the first time around! Thanks for posting them again!

Kristie Thinnes

Absolutely love these window shades, so unique to that industry…

Ms. Fanny

I love it!
I wish that I was 12 again so I could redecorate my room like this.


i love the buddy holly pic on the door/curtain….how fun! i have huge loft windows – i should be taking advantage!


Addie’s awesome! I bought Johnny and June and they make my kitchen. Plus, she’s really nice and super talented. Go, Addie!


that’s fantastic way to go Addie!! your place looks amazing and has a lot of charater just like you ;)


LOVE LOVE that Beautiful Red Stool! So GLAMOUROUS, what a great piece to inherit and remember your grandma by.


I would give my left foot for that Shane painting. Is there any chance that there are more/similar versions for sale? Again, my left foot, to the ends of the earth!


Thanks Grace and Design*Sponge and everyone for all the sweet comments. The Bowties print is my own design and is digitally printed on stretched canvas and available in different sizes. Just email me for pricing. And our amazing friend and artist, Andrew Bannon did the Shane painting and could probably whip up a similar one in no time, he does tons of custom stuff, just ask him: I’m pretty sure he won’t take your left foot for it though… And I just want to thank my mom, without her I’d have no creative bones in my body.

Shoshona Snow

Alright, Addie! What a great surprise to see this! I love your work and I love you’re place. And I can attest to her wonderful support of independent artists. Send Bonnie some kisses!

Cathy Gartland

Hey Add:
Love everything you do. A fortune teller told me years ago “not to worry about you, you would be great!!” I always knew that I didn’t have to pay someone $25.00 to tell me. I admire all that you have done. I read the comment from Urberberger about wanting Bonnie??? Only we know how funny that is!!
Love Mommasita

Greg and Ellen G.

Hey cousin, Ellen and I miss you. Get in touch if you’re ever coming to Chicago!

Aunt Pam

And I thought I was Queen of Eclectic decor!.. love your creativity. You have the red settee, now all you need is the brass urn and pedestal. (Wedding present?)


How refreshing to see ‘old stuff’ take a new twist! You sure are talented and have a very interesting vision. . I can’t wait to see where you go from here, literally! Great Job, well done!


Love your silhouettes, and your Boston Terrier. I have one, too, and they are the BEST dogs in the world! Have you noticed how trendy they are? They are everywhere.

Eileen (future mother-in-law)

We love all your work. Your home is decorated beautifully! I especially love the Guns-N-Roses pillow (not to mention Bonnie & Sean). Keep up the wonderful work
Love, Eileen


love, love, love the bedspread!! may i ask where it’s from? probably vintage…no?


Love this place! The rock n’ roll details and splashes of red really make it. I so want that gnr cushion :D

Carl Hesler

nice digs lady! it’s soooo funny. we have been shopping for a Boston too!


magnifique !!!!j’adore le style, la creativite tres tres perso !!!!