new: matte stephens at etsy

matte stephens has some great new, affordable, pieces up at etsy today. there are prints for $35 and $60 and some gorgeous original gauche paintings for $350. click here to check them out. [thanks, matte!]

ps: click here for more guest blog posts from christine chitnis- and her delicious recipe for berry crumble!



Oh man! I absolutely adore these prints! I can just picture them in my bedroom! Thanks for letting me know about this great and talented artist :)


His work is great and if you are anywhere Portsmouth, NH he is having a show with the very talented Jen Judd-McGee (of Swallowfield) at Nahcotta starting October 1st!


Great stuff, super cute & playful!
But I think they’re probably painted with guache, an opaque watercolor paint, rather than gauche, which is just plain tacky.


I have been a long time fan of Matte’s work and love that he has just come out with all of these wonderful new prints. I think it’s wonderful that such an amazing artist continues to make – along with his bigger works, smaller and affordable pieces! Thanks Matte!


Love your work Matte! Reminds me of how much I enjoyed hearing you speak at Velocity in Seattle earlier this year!

Matte Stephens

Thanks annkent! I like Mary Blair. I’m a huge fan of Ben Shahn ,Paul Klee , Vintage french magazines,Gnomes, Vintage volvo 122s wagons from the 60’s, The Atomium, Timberline Lodge,I find something new to love about the 40’s 50’s 60’s everyday.
Thanks Lilla and Danielle!


Can’t help smile when I look at these. Love the colors- the third one looks like a modern day jack kerouac to me….Thanks again!