new at pottery barn

by Grace Bonney

it’s not often that i flip through catalogs in the mail- normally they go straight to the recycling bag where they’ll sit until i take them downstairs on friday evening. there’s something about catalogs that makes my mind go numb so i try to avoid them at all costs. but yesterday after a long day in the city i needed some mind numbing so i went through the pottery barn catalog sitting on my entryway stand. to my surprise, i dog eared over 10 pages in the catalog (although i wanted to pull each of the pieces into a more modern setting) so i thought i’d share some of my favorites this morning. images above, from top to bottom: leigh palampore duvet cover and sham $29-$159, ceramic canisters (love these) $16-$34, edison chandelier $399, olivia sofette $1149+, auburn desk lamp (i just want the shade) $159.

[ps: lauren and derek’s diy project today is a great spin on these canisters so stay tuned for that at 1pm]


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  • I LOVE that chandelier, and all the yellow makes me very happy. Thanks for showing the inspiration in a PB catalog!

  • I guess sometimes I am really confused by this blog. Years ago, it used to focus a little more on very modern things, now more on crafty almost hip country feeling things. Now you mention the urge to put the Pottery Barn items in a more modern setting, but they seem to fit right along with the theme of this blog over the past year or more.

  • The same thing happened to me, just last night. I usually don’t even open the PB catalogues. They have some great stuff! It does make me think that the Wearstler-ish trellis prints are completely played. I love the owl duvet for my daughter and the chain rug is insane.

  • I have the Edison chandelier in my library and it’s even better in person. (Dimmer is a must, though.) It’s a bit like sitting in a Christmas tree…

  • Oh, and I did the same thing – I never look at catalogs and I thought I hated Pottery Barn – but I happened to flip through one a couple of months ago and found that light and had to have it. I think they must have a new design director, because things seem to be changing.

  • This just fuels my love of Pottery Barn. And maybe I love it so much because they don’t ship to Australia, so I can’t have anything!! I do love that chandelier, gorgeous.

  • i noticed that, too. I walked into a store a few weeks ago, even though I’ve never liked PB, and I saw lots of things I liked, but all of which seemed very different from PB before.

  • i love the chandelier!

    and brian everett – can’t a blog evolve? especially when it is about current design trends, etc. ?

  • I’ve been into that chandelier for a while now, and every time I see it I need it more and more. A possible DIY with an electrician friend of mine? A very possible yes.

  • hi grace – love your blog. as responsible citizens of this world, we must stop subscribing to paper catalogues, esp if we dont go through them, even if they go straight to recycling.
    i am sure i can count on you to do this and alert the bloggers who come to your site.

  • mandy

    i actually don’t subscribe to any catalogs- they just come (more and more) every month. i wish there was a way to tell stores not to send them unsolicited.

    i signed up for that service that is supposed to unsubscribe you to anything you haven’t asked for but it hasn’t kicked in yet.


  • Hi Grace,

    You can get rid of them. I do this periodically. It works for a while and then they start coming again.


  • Woah- this is Pottery Barn? Nice surprise. Everyone’s already said it, but I love that chandelier.

    And the catalog thing DOES work, but it takes a few months. Now I get hardly any!

  • angelune: certainly a blog can evolve. That wasn’t my point, but anyway it doesn’t matter.

    I’m certainly sorry if I offended any readers and especially Grace: my intent was not to do that. I was merely making a claim.

    Believe me, I love this blog. I wouldn’t have been reading it thoroughly for the past 3 years if I didn’t.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Its obvious that Pottery Barn pays attention to modern design and rips of the aesthetic.

    i must say that for me, owning PB feels like carrying a fake purse from Canal street…

  • I am looking for a picture of the blue and white seashell theme that Pottery Barn had about 2 years ago, I don’t know how to research it!

  • The color of the paint is gorgeous! I am trying to see what colors look like in real life….and not just on the little pieces of paper. Would you share the name and brand of the yellow paint color? Love it!