jennifer murphy

now that my work and travel schedule are slowing down a tiny bit i finally have time to work on wedding planning a bit more. we’re working with erin and nicole from bird & banner for our invitations (hooray!) and erin sent over a link to these lovely cake toppers from jennifer murphy. they’re probably not new to most etsy shoppers but i loved them too much to not post. those rabbits are so, so cute. click here to check out jennifer’s full collection.

[ps: jennifer did a great how-to on martha stewart with her toppers, posted here on once wed!]



I usually love your entries. However, to quote another commenter on another blog – where you go (with these cake toppers) I cannot follow.


I love these cake toppers, they would even be cute for an anniversary party, if you’ve already gotten married and missed out on the cuteness.


The cake toppers are absolutely adorable, I wish I would have heard of Jennifer before I had my wedding.


Wow, if you are having Bird&Banner for your invites and Jennifer Murphy for your cake topers, i´m sure your wedding is going to be the cutest and most stylish ever! :)