hemmendorf floor design

one of the trends i’m really enjoying right now is hand-drawn illustrations and prints working their way into homes. i love the allan the galant paper that launched recently, and now i’m really intrigued by this hand-drawn kitchen floor created by artist/creative director olle hemmendorff in sweden. the best designs often come from someone who can’t find what they need decides to create something that suites their taste- and this is a perfect example. this piece is custom to olle’s own kitchen so sadly it’s not something available in the market, but i’d love to see brands like flor and maybe even imaginetile offer carpeting and tiles that have a hand-drawn pattern to them. they certainly wouldn’t be for everyone but then again, not everyone wants to look down and see woodgrain or an ordinary tile. click here for more on olle’s floor. [thanks, benny!]


watch olle create his floor right here:

Ryan Green

my favorite part of the video is watching the cats trying to figure out what is going on, but the floor design is pretty amazing! what a great idea.

ellen Crimi-Trent

funny you should post about hand drawn work since I was up all night doing that and posted today about one Xmas design with this look.

Its nice to see everything not so computerized even though I myself work on it allot.

Green Key

Personally, I would never cover a wood floor with anything, especially contact paper. But those cats – especially the himalayan – are the stars of this video! Thanks for showing it. So fun!


Wow, that undie action is a little too much to bare!! Pull up your pants, mate!
I wish we had seen the drawing part of the process.


I love the idea of a solid white vinyled floor. Without the sharpie it would feel like I was walking around in a kitchen drawer! (thinking Honey! I Shrunk the Kids!)


But he never shows us actually designing the floor, just putting down contact paper. I don’t get it?

Can you show us the art, isn’t that the whole point ?


Great job! And let me tell u- u have such great helpers too ! Cats made real performance!


Dude…the whitey-tighties are too much!!! The cats are killer cute. I have to wonder if Olle isn’t a bit manic or what???


u killed cats in between?
also cut that shot!
… sorry it was very entertaining.