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diy wednesdays: days of the week folders

by the curiosity shoppe

we’ve been out of school for a while now, but this is still one of our favorite times of year. we love roaming the aisles of our local office supply store checking out all the fun, colorful back to school supplies. the other day we came across these red folders for 25 cents each, and thought they’d be perfect additions to our super geeky organization routine. we made one for each day of the week (saturday and sunday share a folder) to help us keep track of what’s happening in our business and personal lives. click here for the full post and instructions or just click “read more” below.

happy organizing!
derek & lauren

Days of the Week Folders

here’s what you’ll need:

-6-7 folders
-letter stencils (click here for a downloadable pdf of the letters we used)
-x-acto knife
-self healing cutting mat
-decorative paper
-glue stick or rubber cement


1. trace letter templates onto your folders with a pencil.
2. with your cutting mat sandwiched between the two layers of your folder, carefully cut around the letters with your x-acto knife.
3. choose a patterned paper and cut out a swatch that is 1/2″ bigger than your letter on all sides.
4. mark the placement of the paper on the inside of the folder and apply adhesive.
5. position paper onto folder and secure.
6. let adhesive dry before closing the folder.
7. repeat on remaining folders using a variety of decorative, patterned or colored papers.

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  • This is such a cute idea and so simple to do! I will never be disorganized again after this DIY – wishful thinking:)

  • I wonder if the other days of the week have always been jealous of Thursday for always getting a double letter representation :) LOVE these!!

  • thepeachtree:
    Our school actually abbreviates Thursday with an “R” for that very reason. Not sure why they chose “R” over “H”, but nevertheless, I digress…

    Very cute idea though!

  • I love it when something else peaks through, probably vestiges of fairyland days where I knew if I caught things at just the right time I’d go into another world. . . A-dor-a-ble idea!!

  • My university uses R for Thursday too; we also use D for Sunday on the timetables.

  • hey there lauren. i was wondering if you could post all the letters of the alphabet and numbers as well. i love this project, but i would love to be able to adapt it to some different things.

  • Thursday is abbreviated by an “R” instead of an “H” in case Tuesday (“T”) and Thursday have to appear together. I had classes in school that met on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If they had used “H” for Thursday, it would have read “TH” in the day column, which seems like Thursday, no? So it reads “TR” for “Tuesday/Thursday”. I laid awake in my dorm for hours until I figured this out…

  • My school used “TR” for Thursday, which I always thought was strange. “R” is definitely more strange though.

  • Hey! Excellent idea actually, i would use them on my desk in the wrong order trying to give a message about the state of my workload in chat dialect….WTF, WTH (hey with just two folders, cool!)

  • this is a brilliant idea!
    I think im going to try this for uni, but with my module numbers on each, instead of days of the week!
    Another project to delay organising my room- Perfect!

  • my college schedules always used H not R for Thursday.
    i love the project though, its one of those, “why didn’t i think of that” types of things.

  • Great idea – I’m definitely one of those people who can spend so much time on cute organizing projects that I’ll never get organized. ;) My hubby uses the Greek theta (sort of an O with horizontal line through it) for Thursday because it’s a TH sound – purely his own geeky invention, though — definitely not standard! And hard to do in a cutout.

  • Hello and thank you for the nice diy project! I allways read your blog with pleasure :) Unfortunately I found this post too late and the template is no more availiable for downloading.. MAy be you could upload it again? Thanks in advance!