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diy wednesdays: catch-all shelf

by the curiosity shoppe

there’s nothing better than emptying your pockets as soon as you get home after a long day, but we find that we leave little piles of change, keys, and bills all over the house unless we have a designated place to put them. this ubiquitous wooden magazine holder from ikea turned out to be the perfect catch-all shelf for our stuff, and all we had to do was put a coat of stain on it, turn it on its side and mount it in the corner of our entryway. problem solved! CLICK HERE for the full project and instructions or just click “read more” below.

happy crafting!
derek & lauren


here’s what you’ll need:
wooden magazine holder
stain and/or paint (optional)
two screws and two washers

1. paint, stain or decoupage your magazine holder (or leave it plain)
2. pre-drill two holes for the screws and mark your wall where the screws will go, making sure they are level.
3. mount your box to the wall, using washers so the screw heads don’t sink too far into the wood.
4. if you’ve got an outlet nearby, you can even charge your cell phone or ipod by snaking the cord through the hole in the front of the box.

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