weekly wrap up + boodalee decals

it’s been a great week here at d*s- thank you to everyone who came out to the biz ladies meetup in boston last night! we had a great turnout and it was so fun to meet everyone. if you’re looking for the notes from last night’s meeting (or any of the other meetings) just click here for the biz ladies home page. i just got home so i’m going to dive back into my email folder to get few as many as possible before the weekend so i’ll see everyone on monday! have a great weekend and, if you missed any posts this week, a summary of this week’s highlights are below.

*ps: anne’s regional roundup for australia began with melbourne this week. melbourne was so packed-full of great independent designers that we decided to spread it out a bit and do parts three and four next week. so stay tuned for that and then sydney and brisbane (and more!) afterwards…

also, i couldn’t resist ending the week with these fantastic new wall decals from boodalee and blik. the two have teamed up to create this special collection for children’s rooms and i think they’re the perfect mix of kid-friendly and modern. i’m sure someone will correct me because i don’t have kids yet, but i think they’re super fun and if i was little, i’d definitely love a few on my wall. boodalee will start accepting pre-orders in the coming month but in the meantime you can click here to sign up for their newsletter and be reminded when they are ready to sell! [thanks, jeanice!]



The elephant is the 2007 version of the Eames plywood elephant. They were made to commemorate the 100th birthday of Charles Eames.


oh love the decals! my best friend just had her first baby and another friend is in labour right as i’m writing this! these would be perfect for their babies rooms.

i hope you’ll be doing perth in your regional round up!
check out http://www.madeontheleft.com for a whole heap of WA artists blogs!
and don’t forget me ;-) haha!


I love those decals. so much more interesting that the cutesy usual offerings..
Its nice to find something that isapealling both to the kids and the parents and won’t be to young for them in a couple of years time.


I love wall decals!!! My new favorite obsession this summer !!! Just so many to choose from out there!