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by Grace Bonney

First and foremost, I’m pleased as punch to be writing for the design*sponge, so many thanks to you Grace. My name is Alena Hennessy and I am an artist/designer out of Asheville, NC. Some of you may have heard of Asheville, however, I know many of you have not, so I thought it would be great to start out by sharing some of my favorite artists and designers from the little city. Asheville is located in Western part of North Carolina, nestled sweetly in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a progressive, crafty, and albeit, a touristy little town that has its own unique charm that is hard to overlook. Asheville also happens to be home to many talented creatives. [image above: “grace & elegance“]

Joti Marra is one of my favorite artists who has an adorable and eclectic Etsy shop called Forest Creature. I love her prints and felted creatures all embroidered by hand. My friends gave me one of these little darlings for my birthday and I love the way it delicately sits on my mantle in all it’s handmade goodness.

Here is a painting by the talented Ursula Gullow. I love the painterly narratives she creates.

And finally Ms. R. Brooke Priddy is a dressmaker and designer (and fabulous illustrator) also out of Asheville. Her little Ship to Shore studio in the West side of town is so magical. She creates custom dresses and wedding gowns with each client and each of her pieces is like a work of art in itself.

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  • Wow, I was very surprised to run into my hometown’s name this morning on the blog here. The assortment of designs I would have choosen would’ve been far different but this was a tiny scoop into the what makes Asheville so unique.

    Great job on your finds!

  • One of my oldest and dearest friends (artist Nicole McConville) makes her home in Asheville, and I’m hoping to come down for a visit next month. From everything she’s said, I know Asheville is a city that truly embraces creativity and the arts. I’m excited to come and see it for myself.

  • the secret is out. asheville is indeed a haven for many interested in fostering creativity and collaboration. lovely to see such a thoughtful post from one of my own favorite artists.