sneak peek: tianyi wang of tiselle


today’s first sneak peek comes to us by way of tianyi wang, owner of tiselle letterpress + design, nestled in atwater village, los angeles between the los angeles river and the dolly madison madison cake factory (supplying the sweet waft of freshly baked hostess twinkies). enjoy her sneak peek below (additional images here), and don’t forget to check out her super cute line of cards here. [thanks, tianyi!] -anne

[Above: Greeting visitors at the Los Angeles River is the famous Great Heron Gates designed by sculptor Brett Goldstone. All the buildings on our street are lined with charming rows of painted scenes resembling quaint apartments. Upon closer inspection, the little vignettes reveal a tad more than the typical picturesque setting. ]

The Clearwater Complex used to be a porcelain factory that has been gutted and converted into a gorgeous modern live-work space occupied by our landlords. Tiselle and another artist occupy the adjacent building, a barn-like steel structure. Between the main gate and front door of our studio, the owners created a lovely peaceful garden where we can relax. The garden encompasses a bamboo-lined pathway, beautiful succulents, a water fountain, humming birds and more.

My easel space and some of my old paintings. The painting on the easel is a self-portrait that is still a work in progress. A friend and fellow artist, Mike Phi, painted the one on the floor behind the easel. On the left you can see a sliver of my ideas board (also known as the sliding door) where I spend many hours staring at pending ideas.

View of my office. Since the studio is situated in a steel structure and can get very hot in the summers. I usually keep a fan on my computer and me while I work.

A sneek peek into my sketchbook.

This Perkins Brailler is what I used to create the prototype for our Dot Six braille cards line. . . This is Hopper/Scrappy, our interim studio cat. His name is undecided because he’s still waiting for a loving home.


This place looks so cool. I think I need to explore my city more. Love the drawing in your sketchbook too!


I’d love to see the self-portrait when it’s finished looks wonderful, what a splendid place to live.


What happened to Hopper/Scrappy’s little foot?! Sniff! So swee of you guys to shelter him …


Hopper/ Scrappy has a little birth defect. He was born with a few missing toes. This hasn’t stop him from being one of the most rambunctious cat I know!


WoW! I really love the portait on the easel, also the sneek peak in your sketchbook! I would love to see more of your work in person. great stuff. :)

Brooke Premo

Did you make the futon in your office with the green cushion? I only wondered because it’s so interesting, the contrast of the sleigh-style sides and steel back support. Very nice!


Thanks! The cover on the futon has been replaced to a more pleasing color (it used to be a dull grey) and the cushions are from Z Galleria.

Suz Hinton

I want the kitty! He’s lovely :)

Pity he’d have to go on a loooong flight to get here!


What a great studio space you have! I just looked at your website and your work is equally creative and edgy. I love the Braille and Mosaic lines! Good job on the sublime colors – obviously you’ve taken your keen sense of color in printing into your studio space. Thank you Design*sponge for featuring this wonderful studio! I hope to see more on Tiselle.


I’m amazed at the detail and creativity that goes into these designs (design in the sketch book). Fabulous! I think your Dot Six line is brilliant — will definitely be paying attention to what Tianyi Wang and Tiselle does next!


I think it’s great that you have a studio cat. This week is take your dog to work week. I wonder how that would go?