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sneak peek: nancy lendved

by anne

while there are many a day i consider moving, i’ve never considered physically moving a house, but designer nancy lendved, the genius behind our latest sneak peek has done it five times now! we first found out about this beautiful home in georgia (which even has it’s own website) thanks to the lovely ladies over at r.wood studio. it’s also a special treat for us because nancy has decided to sell the house and downsize (don’t worry, she’s still relocating a house to her property!), this was a way to help document the house and memories. the history and stories tied to the images is pretty incredible! thanks so much to nancy for sharing so much with us, and to rinne allen and kristen bach for the great photographs. click here for more images, and, as always, you can find all of the sneak peeks here. –anne

[Above: Looking down our expansive upstairs hallway. The french doors are cypress and came from New Orleans.]
The porch of the kitchen cottage was inspired by a photo in a coffee table design book, and executed (scallops were hand made!) by James Askins. The tavern table is from Pennsylvania, the wall of french doors is from our local Habitat for Humanity thrift store, and the sheer curtains ar from the Noorder-market in Amsterdam.
Yellow and grey is a favorite 40’s color combination, perfect for a party or mudroom. The big sunny yellow farmhouse kitchen is outfitted with painted country furniture and a couch stretching under huge windows. The plate rack was a gift from my sister Layne. While I cook and bake on the 1920’s Tappan, its been known to provide a little too much excitement! Lets just say my eyelashes were once a lot longer.
A linen curtain my mother bought me on a “junking” excursion in Topanga Canyon, CA, is draped over our clawfut tub. I designed the basket weave tile floor using shades of oatmeal, redish-brown and sage green. The room reminds me of a western brothel!
Guest house interior.
Scalloped porch windows.
The “kitchen cottage” transformed. We used beaded board and wide planked robins egg blue ceiling boards. Salvaged from a neighborhood farmhouse that was being demolished for ubiquitous Mc Mansions. The cabinetry, from another house move, was made to fit by James Askins, carpenter and designer. The door, pained black on the outside and still sporting its number nine, was found in Asheville NC. It inspired the entire scheme.rwood8.jpg
I couldn’t believe it when I found these curtains stuffed in a carton at a snowy, icy 26th flea market. The are printed with three of my all-time favorite icons: birds, deer, and oak leaves and acorns Good friend David Graves (now a new York City cabinet maker) built the bookshelves to fit the victoria trim. No one would know they weren’t original to the house.rwood9.jpg
My turet office was featured in Old House Journal’s Feb 2008 issue. I was so surprised and proud! Peace flags flutter from the balcony, I’m not giving up hope…..
Tiled bathroom. Our solution to the problem prices of hand-made tiles was to make them ourselves! We bought inexpensive quarry tiles, glaze from R.Wood Studio and kiln time at her studio. We glazed the tiles while watching T.V. or would spread them out on the deck when good weather brought us outside. Good results for under $5/sq foot! The window, from a window, from a church in Maine, has been with me for almost 25 years.

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  • Fantastic post! I just saw a 200 year old house being moved the other day and thought – cool – someone is going to be up to their elbows in work, but the finished result – as you’ve shown is so worth it.

    Great plate rack! I’ll take 2 please.

  • o my!!! This house is amazing! It has such charactor and you can tell alot of love has been put into it. If it was here in Ca. id buy it up! Although if it WAS here it would be a billion dollars and i wouldnt be able to afford it.. Ha! its just going to have to go on my list of dream houses..

  • so, so glad nancy’s amazing dwellingsare being highlighted. she is a lovely and very talented lady who has literally put her heart and soul into these spaces!! they are a joy to experience in person and her dedication and decorating style will always inspire.

  • Oh! I’ve been looking at the real estate listing for this house almost every day since I first saw it – I recognized it as soon as I saw the 1st picture!How great to see more of it and learn more about it. I’m hoping to move to that area soon, but sadly this is out of my price range.

  • So Beautiful! And I’m utterly shocked that this is in my town! Leave it to Design Sponge to introduce me to artsy people in my neck of the woods! Love all of the lovely details! Having grown up in a historic home in the Cobbham district of Athens, those rustic details make me feel right at home!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I loved the detailed descriptions that went along with each photo (and while I’m sorry to hear about your eyelashes, that made me chuckle. :-) I’m hoping to find photos of your turet office in Old House Journal…sounds amazing (I’d actually *like* working!).

  • There are so many great details to discover in these photos. I like the miniature chairs above the bookshelves and the wire basket under the hallway bench.

  • Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! So much character, and in such a nice woodsy setting. The window scalloping is lovely.

  • Oh dear lord! I just found your site and I can’t really believe my eyes… I could not stop scrolling down long enough to read any whole caption as magnificent images after jewely visions kept tip-toeing their way up from the bottom of my screen. All of it making my stomach ache in delight from the hankering these fabulous settings filled me with.

    Design sponge, I heart you!

  • Thank you so much Design*Sponge for such wonderful documentation of our
    home. I am so grateful for all the warm comments and to Rinne, Kristen, and Rebecca: Without them, this entry would not exist. They are truly inspiring artists and incredibly loyal friends.

  • What and enchanting and magical place! An inspiration!
    The owner has a wonderful eye and sense of style – the photos make me want to jump right in.

  • I love all the women- and James- involved in this project and I can’t wait to see what Nan does with her new old place! Love you!!!

  • I am completely in love with the ‘brothel bathroom’. Girl, I can’t believe you said that–because it’s exactly what I thought when I saw it!! The entire home is a work of art and obviously a labor of love. Stunning!

  • If I were to close my eyes tonight and wake up in this house the next morning, I know I would have died and gone to heaven. And NOTHING would be able to make me come back down to earth – NOTHING!

  • I log in to sneak peek on a regular basis and although generally impressed, I’ve never been moved to make a comment… until now… I am so in love with this house… I’m speechless!

  • WOW~! Absolutely perfect; this is the perfect example of my dream home, how blessed you are, and it’s obvious that you know it with all the love that you’ve put into your home, it pours through even on my computer screen. Incredible! :)

  • I live in Athens, GA and earlier this year I was looking through a pamphlet with homes for sale.. and i saw this house! Its so weird for me to have accidentally come across it again on this website! I thought it was a beautiful home from the first time I saw it, I wished I could buy it… you go to it first!

  • I have had the pleasure of not only being a close friend of ms. lendved’s for many years, but have had the pleasure of being a guest in this home many a nights, including last night. all of the compliments and accolades are appropriate and delightful to read as the most humble ms. lendved often loses sight of what magic she brings to not only her own home(s) but also the other homes and stores/environments she touches. she is truly gifted and i applaud everyone for taking the time to give voice to the creative process. i awoke this morning at 7am finding myself wandering the house, taking photos with the golden light filling my mind, along with the textures, the shadows, the mist, then walking the land looking back on this master craft of a residence and lot. this is the feeling you have after ms. lendved has touched a space.

  • Ohhh beauuuutiful!!! Was just redirected here from the 26 November 09 sneak peek written by the owner of this house – that was an amazing house but this is breathtaking!!

  • So many great ideas packed in your photos. We live in a century old two story Dog Trot atop Lookout Mountain, AL. I love your color choices and sense of using vintage finds in the restoration. Thank you for sharing them. Our farmhouse will be restored to reflect the Dog Trot style without losing the aesthetics.

  • I would love to find out more about the “aged” clawfoot tub in this home. I just bought an old one & LOVE the chipped paint/ distressed look & want to keep it but, can’t find anything about how to go about doing that (seal with a clear coat?). If you have any info on that, or how to get ahold of the woman with the tub, please let me know. Thank you so much! Beautiful home, beautiful shoot!