sneak peek: laurie of two trick pony


today we have a special double sneak peek into the creative minds behind two trick pony eco-modern stationery and notecards. first up is laurie mee’s home filled with great splashes of fun color. click here for additional images and stay tuned for carrie’s modern home at 2pm. [thanks so much, laurie!] -anne

[Above: As soon as I saw this cute red fabric, I knew I had to do make something out of it. The little house pattern looks a bit like gingerbread houses and fits perfectly in our kitchen.]
The circle theme in the bathroom is based on this great vintage shower curtain we found in an antique shop in Providence, RI.
Just inside our front door is this piece of furniture which I’ve been told is a sewing cabinet. It works well as a place to hide keys, dog leashes and anything else we can fit! The painting resting on it was done by a friend, Cape Cod based artist Heather Pilchard.
The vintage radiator cover was such a great find, we don’t have a radiator, but it sure looks cute in our kitchen! laurie5.jpg
We love the bold minimal graphics of this “Cool Hand Luke” movie poster.
The red hanging light is an exact match (except for color) to Carrie’s that hangs above her dining table. We found ours in a local antique shop.
This is our schnoodle, Wally guarding the front door. He looks big here, but only weighs 13 lbs., not much of a guard dog really!

Elizabeth W

it would be impossible to single out any one thing that’s most adorable in this sneak peek, its all super cute. so much eye candy! i love it when someone is able to mix colors and styles and it all looks so right together without being kitschy and cluttered. its no easy feat. thank you for this wonderful sneak peek d*s!!! big smooch to Wally!


Great post – what an fun house! Would it be possible to find out what paint color was used on the walls in the entryway (the third picture down)? I have been searching for the perfect blue/gray/green color and think that might be it!

Karly Depew

AWESOME! Congratulations, Laurie! Your home design perfectly reflects your lovely personality and style!


Carrie S.

Elizabeth W:
This is reason # 432794537019 that I’m so happy Laurie is my biz partner. Her sense of color is OUTSTANDING. :)


I want that ‘Cool Hand Luke’ poster. I am officially jealous! That is my all time favorite movie. Everything is so very nice, but clearly this has distracted me.

I want! :(


I love the curtain by the sewing cabinet. Where’s that from?

Miss Jess

Absolutely beautiful, I’m so in love with the combination of print, color and texture, as well as the vintage furniture used here. Amazing job!


these colors speak to me -deep and rich and full. GOOD.

Marc and Joyce

Love your place,Laurie. You and Carrie have so so so much talent. Carrie`s mom and dad.


To Megan who asked about the gray wall color… it’s Benjamin Moore galveston gray. We have it in several rooms and love it!


I am dying to know where I can get the floral fabric on that pillow under the Paul Newman poster. U know?


bizarre: we have a pilchard i picked up at sos a few years ago in our condo & a black mini schnauzer who looks almost exactly like your wally. in any case, love the choice & use of colors!


love the clock in the bathroom! is it vintage or a reproduction, and if so, where can i get one?!

Bobby Z.

The last photo of Wally, I beg to differ… Wally is a good guard dog!
He bit my Mommy! Oh boy what a guard dog he could be.

Mommy Z.

I loved it all (of course I’m prejudiced)! I love lots of bright colors, it makes for such a happy environment. Laurie, you know how proud your father and I of you – you are so talented ! Wally really is soooo cute.


Beautiful! But where did you get the bottom fabric for your curtains in the kitchen?


I must admit after moving far away, I do miss hanging out with my Pony friends… As always your home is beautiful and reflective of your creative personality, and also a very comfortable space to kick back in. Love the poster!


wow, I love the colors and the accessories, esp the little boys on the radio (?), not quite clear. is it a radio? it’s really nice thing there :)


I am madly in love with your apartment. I actually copied an image of almost every room into my inspiration folder! So very gorgeous.

Also, I love your little sewing cabinet and then discovered one of my own two days after seeing this post! What luck.

Thanks for sharing.


You have great taste. The mix of cool things works so well together. I bet your wardrobe is awesome too. Can you tell me what color paint you used in the room with the Cool Hand Luke poster?

Giselle Yeatman

Please, please tell us the color name and manufacturer of the paint on the kitchen walls – my son has been begging for a blue room and all the colors I’ve seen are ick – this would be perfect!!!


Thank you so much for posting this! This is *exactly* what I want my home to look like. Beautiful!