sneak peek: audrey romano


our first sneak peek has been dubbed mid-century modern meets Japanese pop culture meets flea market chic, and is the home audrey romano. based in central, pa, audrey is a web designer and coordinator by day, and clearly has a knack when it comes to home interiors as well. thanks so much to audrey for opening up more of her fabulous home to us. click here to see more, full-sized images, and as always, all the sneak peeks can be found here. stay tuned for another sneak peek at 1pm! -anne

[to read more about audrey, click here to view her recent interview with lisa williams at shelter home!]

in audrey’s words: This is our (my husband, Jamie, and my) first house, owned since June 2006, set in central Pennsylvania (State College, PA), best known as the location of Penn State University.  It’s a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom,  ~1,662 Sq. Ft. split-level house, built in 1969 in a neighborhood called Park Forest Village.

This is of special note because it was the first large suburban development near State College (started in 1956). “This neighborhood won several national awards for its design, which moved away from the straight streets and clear cutting typical of post World War II suburban developments. The use of gracefully curved streets and the retention of trees established a pattern for future developments everywhere.” (source:

This house is our first and while it’s far from perfect, I’ve really enjoyed living in it so far. What I really love about the layout is that the rooms flow from one to the other making it feel open, yet still distinguishes between rooms and levels of the house.  Since it was built in the late 60s, keeping with the mid-century modern vibe seems to compliment it well.  While a couple of our pieces of furniture and decor have come from Crate and Barrel and IKEA, I’ve been super lucky to have found a bunch of mid-century scandinavian and american solid-wood pieces on Craigslist and at yard sales.  No one around here seems to appreciate these pieces as much as I do!  I also have a couple depression era pieces that I’ve inherited from friends of the family.

My decor is pretty heavily influenced by the design sites and magazines I keep up with.  Some of my favs are Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, Decor8, and Flickr.  As well as artist sites and blogs (like Camilla Engman, Lisa Congdon, Ashley Goldberg, Lena Corwin, Heather Moore, and Etsy) and shelter magazines (like Domino, Cottage Living, Blueprint, and Dwell). I am always on the search for creative decorating ideas and inspiration, as well as practical and DIY projects. I love finding out about lesser-known indie designers and artists that have different creative perspectives. There’s so much inspiration out there!  I constantly find myself rearranging and weeding out decor on a regular basis.

I love colors, pattern combinations, quirkiness, and unique handmade crafts.  I try to aim for personality, comfort and functionality, quality and affordability.



Thanks for this. Totally charming. Gave me several good ideas.


Where did you get that awesome black and white rug? and the red and white one? and all your great pillows? And what is your doggies name? he is too cute. haha i have many questions!


Thank you! Where did you get your rugs? The black/white and red ones are especially chic. Great ideas!


Thanks so much design*sponge and commenters! Our Boston is a girl named Edward — she always inspects the “new” stuff, so inevitably winds up in the photos. The gray futon was from Overstock, but they unfortunately no longer sell it. The rugs came from Anthropologie and West Elm and the pillows come from all sorts of places, best found in the details on my flickr (click my name). I’m glad you all like my little home!


Love the empty chartreuse frames in the top image – what a brilliant yet simple DIY idea.


So excited to see Audrey profiled! I think I have favorited half of her Flickr stream — and I’m totally in love with her dog.


Very cute! And I love how the pup has sneaked his/her way into all the photos, lol. So pup like.


Beautiful home! I love the rug in the living room! and I see you have one of my prints there, cool.


your house is so amazing!!! always an inspiration. edward makes every picture even better :)


Love the dog busting up every second shot!! :) Made me smile.

heather moore

What a gorgeous place, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see one of my teatowels in your kitchen. Lucky little dude to live there!


Love both of today’s sneaks – cool, accessible, realistic, attainable. I feel like with some effort, I could make my house look like these. They are real – there’s the stuff of life in them, but artfully arranged, with flair and style. Thank you. And I, too, love the gorgeous dog modelling in each pic! Why not, I say? He’s the most important person in the house, right? My cat would say SHE is in our house!!


oops, sorry Edward, you’re a girl! PS is that a pic of Edward’s lovely paws in a frame on your wall or are my eyes failing me?


I love all your chairs.
And that little yellow ottoman! Adorable. Great, warm, inviting space!

Tee Taylor

Such a lovely personal design. Nothing fussy or pretentious. Your Bossy is the perfect addition [we are Boston owners AND pet photographers so we may be biased.]


Love the homey feeling you created. And that (if I’m not mistaken) Finn Juhl table. And armchair… Makes me wish we had more space in our flat :)
BTW, what is the little monster on the sofa?


where can i find that grayish couch from in the second image??