quaint handmade

after a pretty lousy day spent entirely on an airplane (who knew you could stay in a holding pattern over chicago for so long?) it was so fun to return to an inbox full of beautiful photos. the eye-candy that turned my frown upside down was this photo of cindy from quaint handmade’s cabinet that has been turned into fabric storage. i have a closet bursting with tiny samples of fabric so this is my dream. so neat and clean and pretty. i love it! [thanks, cindy!]

ps: alena has a new post up on the d*s guest blog- click here to check it out.



What a gorgeous presentation; I love that the patterns peek out of the drawer fronts! Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like the dresser is just a bit peachier than the pink wall — arrgh!


Oh wow, how neat and organised is that?! I just know I’d be able to keep it that tidy for… umm… all of about 5 minutes – LOL! Love all the fabrics too…


Wow, what a fantastic idea. I have rubbermaid totes of fabric, the depths of which I have not dived into in quite some time. This would make my fabric collection accessible and beautiful! Now just to find a cabinet with sliding drawers like this…


really nice.
reminds me of the color-arranged bookshelves we’ve been seeing over the last year or so.


that is beautiful. i love that you can see all the gorgeous fabric eve when the drawers are closed. it adds so much to the texture and the uniqueness of the piece.

Kim Gray

Love the cupboard! Great colour and the fabrics are stunning too – it’s a piece of art in itself!

cindy k

thank you everyone! and yes, there is a contrast between the cool pink wall against the warm pink cabinet, but i “choose” not to see it or i’ll have to paint entire the room ;)!


I think it would look worse if the two pinks were identical. Nice to have a little variation there!